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Will stem cells redefine anti-aging?

Will stem cells redefine anti-aging?


Will stem cells redefine anti-aging?   

Stem cells have received extensive attention in the field of regenerative medicine, and it can be expected to conduct research on diseases and incurable diseases that were difficult to cure in the past.


Will stem cells redefine anti-aging?


In addition, in the field of beauty, the treatment of rejuvenation with stem cells has also attracted attention, so in recent years, the use of stem cells for beauty projects has gradually increased.



What kind of cells are stem cells?

The human body is made up of hundreds of billions of cells. These are not all stem cells, but the cells of various organs and organs continue to grow, develop, reproduce, age, die and other life activities every day to form the human body.


Stem cells are only a part of these cells and have two special functions.

·Replicate the same cell [self-replication ability]

The ability of stem cells to be particularly worth mentioning is that they can replicate the same cells. This ability can increase the number of cells with the same ability, while ordinary cells do not have this ability.

·Differentiation into a variety of cells [multi-differentiation ability]

Another ability is the [multi-differentiation ability] that can exert the efficacy of other cells. Cells make up various parts of muscle, heart muscle, and skin.

Stem cells have the ability to differentiate and can differentiate into cells that make up our organs and tissues.




The relationship between stem cells and beauty

Among stem cells, skin-related stem cells are divided into two types, one is [dermal stem cells] that produce fibroblasts, and the other is [epidermal stem cells] that promote skin metabolism.

Fibroblast stem cells can produce collagen and hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid)

Dermal stem cells differentiate into fibroblasts through cell division. Fibroblasts can produce [hyaluronic acid] and [collagen], both of which are important elements for keeping the skin moisturized and shiny.

·Anti-aging by improving stem cell function

Dermal stem cells help to produce collagen and other substances, but dermal stem cells will decay as they age. Therefore, in recent years of treatment, the use of cultured stem cells, etc., for treatment, and local injection of fibroblasts that are closely related to stem cells for anti-aging treatment are being gradually promoted.




It is important to touch the [dermis] in anti-aging

People’s skin is mainly divided into epidermis and dermis. Dermal cells and fibroblasts exist in the dermis layer deep in the skin.

Therefore, it is very important to have access to the dermis during anti-aging.

Nowadays, there are many skin care products and cosmetics that penetrate the skin, some claim to have anti-aging effects, but these ingredients basically cannot reach the dermis layer, so even if the stem cell culture solution is added, it cannot be compared with the treatment implemented in the clinic. On par.





Will stem cells redefine anti-aging?

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