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What is the main role of stem cells in anti-aging? 

What is the main role of stem cells in anti-aging?


What is the main role of stem cells in anti-aging? 

 Will stem cells differentiate abnormally? In fact, youthfulness in the true sense is not simple skin refinement and wrinkle reduction, but the rejuvenation of cell functions.

In other words, the human body can continuously add new cells and achieve rejuvenation of cell functions.


What is the main role of stem cells in anti-aging? 



Definition of Cellular Senescence

Cell anti-aging is to activate the body’s own “self-healing function” by infusing a specific number of stem cells, repair and regulate damaged cells, activate the function of dormant cells, increase the number of normal cells, increase cell activity, and improve cell health Quality, prevent and delay cell pathology, restore the normal physiological function of cells, so as to achieve the purpose of preventing diseases and fighting aging.


Stem cell function:

(1) Reappearing youthfulness:

According to the real environment of the tissues and organs of the body, stem cells can secrete the nutrient factors, repair factors and regeneration factors needed by the tissue cells, improve the local microenvironment of the tissue, and rebuild the organ function, just like the old house. Same, restore youthful appearance.


(2) Passing youthful vitality:

Stem cells used for anti-aging are usually derived from fetal tissue, umbilical cord or placenta.These are the tissues of the youngest period of human beings.

These stem cells are full of vitality. Gradually aging cells recharge the body with energy, just like recharging a depleted mobile phone to restore power.


(3) Regulating immune function:

the body’s immunity is in a balanced state, but middle-aged and elderly people often have immune imbalances and decreased resistance, and are very prone to chronic inflammatory diseases.

Replenishing stem cells can completely correct immune imbalances and improve the body’s resistance. Strength, return to the state of youth.



Is it safe to use stem cells?

In strict accordance with international standards and national standards, infectious diseases are controlled in accordance with the requirements of blood transfusion, and stem cell therapy is safe.



Will stem cells differentiate abnormally?

Anti-aging of stem cells does not depend on differentiation. The repair mechanism of stem cells is to activate the repair potential of the recipient’s own cells.

According to incomplete statistics, nearly 100,000 cases of umbilical cord and placental stem cells have been used in clinical treatment of diseases in many countries, and no obvious adverse reactions have been reported.


Is it ethical to use stem cells?

Using umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells does not cause harm to the donor, personal and social, and no medical ethical issues.

The umbilical cord is abandoned after human beings are born. Using the umbilical cord can produce stem cells that are anti-aging and ameliorating diseases.


Healthy skin is smooth and elastic, with a strong metabolism.

New skin cells are derived from skin stem cells in the basal layer of the skin. The healthy growth of hair also depends on the hair cells in the hair follicles, and skin cells and hair cells are derived from blood cells.


Stem cells are the fundamental cells for recreating and restoring beautiful appearance.

They have significant cosmetic and hairdressing effects: they can smooth and tighten sagging skin, restore skin elasticity, and reduce skin wrinkles and pigmentation.

According to statistics, it is found that a considerable number of health care workers show signs of turning gray hair into black hair.

The beauty effect obtained by stem cell anti-aging health care is not only the effect of rebuilding the skin and hair, but also the external manifestation of the reconstruction and repair of multiple organs and systems in the body, and the improvement of overall functions.


Comprehensively improve metabolic function

Metabolism is the material basis of human life activities. Cells are the basic unit of life activities.

All kinds of metabolism and energy conversion are carried out in cells. Therefore, the quality of cell functions directly affects the body’s metabolic functions. Stem cells are the source of the renewal of various cells in adults.

The quality and quantity of various adult stem cells in tissues and organs determine the function and level of metabolism. Stem cells have important regulatory functions on metabolism.

Stem cell anti-aging health care can improve the body’s metabolic function of various lipoproteins, can effectively reduce the concentration of total cholesterol, triglycerides and low-grade lipoproteins in the blood, reduce blood lipids, lower blood sugar, and lose weight.

The prevention of obesity and diabetes has great value.


Improve brain function

After a person enters middle age, the brain nerve cells gradually decrease, after 25 years of age, the annual decrease is about 0.8%, and by the age of 70, only 55% of the brain nerves remain.

The elderly are often due to the decrease in the number of old nerve cells and the decline in function, which is manifested as cognitive decline, mental decline, insomnia, dementia, etc.

Stem cells can differentiate to form new nerve cells, providing new cells for the brain, which can effectively improve brain aging. A

fter stem cell anti-aging, the memory and intelligence of patients with Alzheimer’s disease are significantly improved and restored, and the curative effect is lasting and stable.


In clinical research, stem cells are used in difficult and chronic diseases, such as autism, diabetes, heart disease, stroke sequelae, nerve damage, systemic lupus erythematosus, Sjogren’s syndrome, osteoarthritis, etc., of course there are many At the stage of clinical trials, more and more people are paying attention to stem cells, and some people have benefited. I hope to solve the pain for more people and bring the gospel in the future.





What is the main role of stem cells in anti-aging?

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