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Stem cells are only used for anti-aging?

Stem cells are only used for anti-aging?


Stem cells are only used for anti-aging? NO! There are so many effects. 

Stem cells are only used for anti-aging?

What are the anti-aging effects of stem cells?
When it comes to stem cells, many people are confused. For stem cells, they can treat a variety of diseases clinically. In the beauty industry, stem cell anti-aging has become a fashion,.


What are the effects of stem cell anti-aging? Let’s take a look at the experts’ explanation

1. Rebuild skin vitality and restore appearance

Healthy skin is smooth and elastic, and has a strong metabolism. New skin cells are derived from the skin stem cells in the basal layer of the skin. The healthy growth of hair also depends on the hair stem cells in the hair follicles.


2. Comprehensively improve the metabolic function

Metabolism is the material basis of human life activities. Cells are the basic unit of life activities. All kinds of metabolism and energy conversion are carried out in cells. Therefore, the quality of cell functions directly affects the body’s metabolic functions. Stem cells are the source of the renewal of various cells in adults. The quality and quantity of various adult stem cells in tissues and organs determine the function and level of metabolism. Stem cells have important regulatory functions on metabolism. Stem cell anti-aging health care can improve the body’s metabolic function of various lipoproteins, can effectively reduce the concentration of total cholesterol, triglycerides and low-grade lipoproteins in the blood, and have the effects of reducing blood lipids, lowering blood sugar and losing weight. The prevention of obesity and diabetes is of great value.


3. Regenerate new nerve cells in the brain to improve brain function

After a person enters middle age, the brain nerve cells gradually decrease, after 25 years of age, the annual decrease is about 0.8%, and by the age of 70, only 55% of the brain nerves remain. The elderly are often due to the decrease in the number of nerve cells, the brain nerve function declines, manifested as memory deterioration. Cognitive decline, mental decline, insomnia, senile dementia, etc.


4. Improve immune function

Immunity is a key factor for the human body to resist diseases, especially to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria, germs, parasites, etc.) entering the human body, and to monitor and kill tumor cells. Therefore, the immune system is the body’s defense force, and immune cells are the combatants in this defense force. The elderly are prone to tumors and other diseases due to reduced immune cells, reduced immune cell activity, and decreased disease resistance.




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