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Stem cells to treat tumors: are stem cells related to the immune system?

Stem cells to treat tumors: are stem cells related to the immune system?

Stem cells to treat tumors: are stem cells related to the immune system?  Speaking of tumors, many people have been stereotyped as incurable.

The incidence and mortality of tumor patients are very high. Once patients develop tumors, they will cause great troubles in their lives. In order to avoid tumor damage, they are in daily life We should do a good job of prevention. The most commonly used treatment method for tumors is immunotherapy. The biggest benefit is to improve human immunity.

Stem cells to treat tumors: are stem cells related to the immune system?




1. Immune system-defense forces

Human immune status is closely related to the occurrence and development of tumors. The immune system is our body’s defense force, it can eliminate all kinds of harmful substances. Tumor is a relatively common disease in our daily lives, and the incidence of tumors is relatively high. At this time, it is necessary to adopt correct methods for treatment and control the disease. What are the methods for tumor immunotherapy?

For tumor immunotherapy, artificial methods are mainly used to restore and strengthen the immune system, which can inhibit and eliminate tumor growth. This method is called immunotherapy. The biggest advantage of immunotherapy is that it can target tumor cells. Immunotherapy can restore normal cells. For patients undergoing chemotherapy, the immune system is disturbed, and immunotherapy can be used at this time.


2. The role of immunotherapy

The most commonly used method of immunotherapy is immune-enhancing drugs. Patients with advanced tumors are accompanied by immune dysfunction. After surgery, immune-enhancing drugs can be used, which can improve their own immune function, improve anti-tumor effect, and reduce recurrence. Immune enhancing drugs can play a role in functional recovery.

Immunotherapy also includes passive immunotherapy, which mainly refers to the input of foreign immune effect substances into the body. These substances can play a role in treating tumors in the body. The second is adoptive immunotherapy, which mainly takes the patient’s own immune cells, proliferates in vitro, and then enters the patient’s body, which can also play a role in suppressing tumors.


3. Conclusion

I will stop here about immunotherapy. Tumor is a relatively serious disease, and prevention should be done in daily life and scientific methods should be adopted. Take part in more physical exercises and supplement the nutrients your body needs. Drink more water. Then, eat more foods such as whole grains to promote the peristalsis of the intestines and promote digestion.




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