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Diabetes: Unsweet food is not necessarily sugar-free

Diabetes: Unsweet food is not necessarily sugar-free


Diabetes: Unsweet food is not necessarily sugar-free. The doctor warned that people with diabetes should keep their eyes on these five foods!

For diabetics, to control blood sugar, it is necessary to pay careful attention to the food they consume. Many people know that diabetics cannot eat sugar. Therefore, for sweets, diabetics tend to control it better.

Diabetes: unsweet food is not necessarily sugar-free

However, there are some unsweet foods in life, which contain high sugar content. Many diabetics have not aroused enough vigilance about these foods, which leads to instability of blood sugar control. This is also important.


For example, although the following foods do not taste sweet, they can still cause blood sugar to rise. You must strictly control the amount at ordinary times. Come and see!

1. Fine rice noodles

Staple foods such as bread and rice are eaten every day. This kind of food is really not sweet. Only by chewing a few more mouthfuls can you feel a hint of sweetness. Although these foods are not sweets, they contain a lot of starch and have undergone fine processing. The starch is easily converted into glucose. Once consumed in excess, it can easily lead to increased blood sugar.

Therefore, it is best for diabetics to add some coarse grains and mix with them when eating. You can also use potato food to replace white rice and white noodles to increase dietary fiber intake and help control blood sugar.


2. Starchy vegetables, sweet potatoes

Foods such as sweet potatoes, corn, pumpkins, and taro do not taste very sweet, but their sugar content is not low. This is because these foods are rich in starch, which can be broken down into glucose in the human body. Intake will not affect blood sugar, but if you take too much, it can also cause blood sugar to rise.

Although diabetic patients are encouraged to use the above foods instead of staple foods, they should also pay attention to the amount of intake. Each meal should not exceed 150 to 200 grams. If the staple food intake is sufficient, it is not recommended to eat extra large amounts of sweet potatoes, pumpkins and other foods.


3. instant drinks

Foods such as instant oatmeal and instant coffee sold in supermarkets may not taste too sweet, but in fact, in order to take care of the taste during the production process of these foods, ingredients such as flavor, creamer, dextrin are added to control diabetes It is very unfavorable, let alone some instant drinks with sucrose, so you must eat less.


4.  the sauce

Barbecue sauce, ketchup, pizza sauce and other sauces may not taste sweet, but in fact, a lot of sucrose is added to these sauces during the production process. If they are not controlled and consumed in excess, they can cause blood sugar. Great influence. Therefore, when eating out, everyone should eat as little as possible of these sauces.


5.  sugar-free snacks

For diabetic patients, foods such as biscuits and snacks should be strictly controlled in diet. There are many snacks that claim to be sugar-free on the market, which makes diabetic patients seem to see the light. However, sugar-free snacks may not be safe. These snacks themselves contain a large amount of starch, which can be broken down into glucose in the body, causing blood sugar to rise.

In clinical practice, many diabetic patients blindly eat sugar-free snacks, which eventually leads to an increase in blood sugar. This phenomenon should also be paid attention to.


All in all, diabetic patients should pay special attention to their diet. Don’t think that food is safe to eat. Foods like the above seem to contain no sugar. Once they eat too much, they will also affect blood sugar control. Eat less.

In order to control blood sugar well, in addition to not eating foods that shouldn’t be eaten, you must also adhere to a moderate amount of exercise in your life. The two-pronged approach can make blood sugar better control.




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