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Lymphoma: Stay away from the 4 triggers

Lymphoma: Stay away from the 4 triggers


Lymphoma: Stay away from the 4 triggers.  The incidence of lymphoma is getting higher and higher, the doctor advises: stay away from the 4 triggers, the body will appreciate you!

Lymphoma: Stay away from the 4 triggers
 Lymphoma cancer refers to a group of diseases that originate in the lymphatic system; once the disease occurs, the patient’s neck, collarbone, groin, or armpits may have swollen lymph nodes, which may also cause the patient to develop a disease. A series of oppressive symptoms, and will be accompanied by repeated fever, weight loss, etc.


Once these symptoms appear without timely treatment, cancer cells will spread rapidly, putting the patient’s life seriously threatened.

Therefore, in daily life, we must pay attention to prevent lymphoma.

Only in recent years, the incidence of lymphoma has become higher and higher. The emergence of this situation is related to the following four factors. The following is a detailed introduction for everyone, hoping to arouse everyone’s vigilance.


What are the causes of lymphoma?

1. Long-term exposure to ionizing radiation

If you are exposed to ionizing radiation for a long time, you will increase your risk of developing lymphoma.

Ionizing radiation belongs to a class of carcinogens, such as medical X-ray fluoroscopy that many people are most often exposed to, and various accelerators in some industrial sectors, or electron microscopes, high-voltage electron tubes, and electronic quick welding machines.

If long-term exposure to these ionizing radiations will cause some pathological changes in various systems and organs in the body, the risk of developing lymphoma will be very high.


2. Occupation and environmental pollution

Occupation and environmental pollution are one of the main causes of lymphoma. If you are exposed to some herbicides or insecticides for a long time in your daily life, the chance of developing non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma will be very high.

And if you are exposed to benzene solvents, chloroform, phenoxyacetic acid and other environments for a long time, the risk of developing lymphoma will be very high.


3.  the immune function declines rapidly

Lymph exists in all parts of the human body and plays a vital role in the body’s immune system.

If in daily life, the body’s immune function declines, such as staying up late for a long time, being in some negative emotions for a long time, or being overstressed and overworked, it will cause the body’s immune function to decline rapidly;

The immune barrier against cancer cells will be destroyed, so that the normal structure of the lymph nodes will be destroyed, and the risk of developing lymphoma will be very high.


In addition, if you suffer from some virus infections for a long time, it will also cause the body’s immune function to decline rapidly, which will induce the emergence of lymphoma; such as human immunodeficiency virus and Epstein-Barr virus.

In addition, long-term infection with Helicobacter pylori and hepatitis C virus may also induce lymphoma.


4. long-term improper diet

Long-term improper diet will not directly lead to lymphatic cancer, but it will cause the body’s immune function to decline, and it will also affect the overall metabolism and endocrine.

In this internal environment, the lymphatic system will be affected, and some diseases are prone to occur.

After the occurrence of the disease, if the improper diet still occurs, the damage of each system will be aggravated, which will lead to the appearance of lymphoma.


All in all, the emergence of lymphoma has a very important relationship with the above four factors. Therefore, if you want to prevent lymphoma, you must pay attention to all aspects of life.

Especially for people with lymphoma in the family, the chance of getting lymphoma is many times higher than other people.

In addition, if there is progressive painless lymphadenopathy in daily life, you must see a doctor in time. If it is caused by lymphoma, only scientific and standardized treatment can guarantee the patient’s health and life to the greatest extent.





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