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Gallbladder stones: Be careful on drinking coffee!

Gallbladder stones: Be careful on drinking coffee!


Gallbladder stones: Be careful on drinking coffee! 

Drink moderate amounts of coffee daily to prevent gallbladder stones. It is recommended that you do not drink it blindly. Have you learnt that?


Gallbladder stones: Be careful on drinking coffee!


Coffee is one of the three most famous beverages in the world! People drink coffee or simply enjoy it; or facilitate social activities; or improve their mental state and enhance work efficiency.


The relationship between coffee and health has always been the focus of scientists!


In the early days, it was believed that drinking coffee would increase anxiety, tension, cause insomnia, arrhythmia, and increase cardiovascular disease.

It was an unhealthy drink. It is now considered that coffee is a kind of functional drink, which has the effects of anti-oxidation, anti-bacterial, increasing energy metabolism, and reducing transaminase.


Green coffee contains 6.5% of protein, 11% of fat, inorganic salts of sugars and a variety of vitamins. It also contains alkaloids such as caffeine. The content of caffeine is as high as 1.5%!


Pure caffeine is a white crystal with bitter taste and a mild stimulant: it has the effect of stimulating the cerebral cortex.

Drinking in moderation can invigorate the spirit, expand the bronchi, improve blood circulation and help digestion, and it can also improve The sensitivity of the brain’s response!


In recent years, studies have shown that “caffeine can inhibit the absorption of the gallbladder” and have an inhibitory effect on the formation of gallbladder stones!




Drinking coffee can prevent gallbladder stones?

1. Coffee can promote the release of cholecystokinin and increase gallbladder motor function.

This effect is not entirely due to caffeine.

Because it also has this effect after decaffeinating.

Cholecystokinin has the effect of stimulating pancreatic secretion and gallbladder contraction, and the reduction of cholecystokinin release is one of the mechanisms of gallstone formation.


2. Coffee can inhibit the absorption of bile, increase the flow of bile, and reduce the cholesterol saturation index of bile.

Animal experiments by foreign scholars have shown that animals on a high-cholesterol diet at the same time, all animals with caffeine do not have gallbladder stones, all animals without caffeine have gallbladder stones, animals on a normal diet, caffeine significantly increases bile flow , Reduce gallbladder absorption function.


3. Coffee can regulate liver cholesterol metabolism. The coffee lipids in coffee (caffeol and kahweed alcohol) may reduce cholesterol synthesis by regulating the activity of cholesterol reductase. Lowering cholesterol synthesis is of great significance in reducing the formation of cholesterol gallstones.


4. coffee can increase intestinal motility, by stimulating the intestinal tract, increase intestinal activity.

If the intestinal motility is weakened, the content of secondary bile acids will increase, which is one of the causes of gallbladder stones.


5. Coffee can increase energy consumption and reduce lipid storage. Obesity and the abnormal distribution of body fat are an important risk factor for gallbladder stones.

Reducing fat storage and weight loss play an important role in preventing gallbladder stones.


6. Coffee has an antioxidant effect, which can inhibit lipid peroxidation and prevent the liver from damaging the liver by oxidation.

Lipid peroxidation in the reactive oxygen reaction can increase the formation of cholesterol crystals, and inhibiting lipid peroxidation may help reduce cholesterol crystals.



Since coffee can prevent gallbladder stones, why do some people say that it is best not to drink strong coffee in daily life for patients with gallbladder stones?


This is talking about not drinking coffee on an empty stomach. Drinking coffee on an empty stomach is counterproductive.

It turns out that drinking coffee on an empty stomach can easily cause our stomach acid to secrete too much.

The gallbladder will contract violently due to excessive gastric acid secretion, resulting in biliary sphincter spasm and difficulty in draining bile.

If there are undiscovered gallbladder stones or gallbladder polyps, drink coffee on an empty stomach. The stimulation can induce biliary colic.

At the same time, it also causes damage to the gastrointestinal mucosa, and may also affect liver metabolism and cardiovascular system.


Drinking coffee should also pay attention to the following five unsuitables!

  • One is that people with heart disease should not drink coffee;
  • Second, it is not advisable to drink coffee excessively;
  • Third, the elderly should not drink coffee often;
  • Fourth, pregnant women should not drink coffee;
  • Fifth, infants and young children should not drink coffee.




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