September 26, 2023

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4 types of cancer are hopefully cured: Don’t give up too soon

4 types of cancer are hopefully cured: Don’t give up too soon


4 types of cancer are hopefully cured: Don’t give up too soon.  The clinical standard for cancer treatment is only: early detection and early treatment.

Decades back, cancer sounded like a strange and numbing disease. However, with the high incidence of cancer nowadays, each of us talks about cancerous discoloration and knows the horror of cancer.

Because it will not only make you go back to poverty overnight, but also ruthlessly deprive patients of the right to survive. In our country, there are about 3 million patients who die of cancer each year. There are countless family tragedies behind this.

However, because of the various appearances of cancer, Chinese people are gradually being troubled by the “Chinese-style cancer concept”. Even without in-depth understanding, we label cancer as incurable and terminally ill.


Many people have imagined that if one day they have cancer, they will not be treated at all. It is better to spend the last happy hour with the money for treatment!

However, this idea is actually very wrong!

Everyone must clearly recognize that cancer is a genetic chronic disease, but it is not a terminal illness or incurable disease in an absolute sense!

On the contrary, some countries’s medical technology has been continuously improved in recent years, and many cancers can be effectively controlled in the early stage, and even clinical cures can be achieved.

Even in the middle and late stages of cancer, through scientific treatment, there is still hope for a cure. Moreover, even if it is completely incurable, the quality of life and life value of patients receiving treatment is significantly higher than that of patients who are not treated!


In particular, the following four types of cancers have a high clinical cure rate, so don’t give up lightly:

1. Differentiated Thyroid Cancer:

Thyroid cancer can be roughly divided into two clinically, namely differentiated and undifferentiated cancer. Among the patients with thyroid cancer in some countries, most of them have differentiated thyroid cancer, 90% of which are differentiated thyroid papillary cancer.

4 types of cancer are hopefully cured: Don’t give up too soon

The malignancy of this kind of cancer is extremely low, the growth rate is very slow, and even the cancer may not grow within a few years. Therefore, the clinical treatment effect of this cancer is very good.

Clinically, the 10-year survival rate is used to evaluate thyroid cancer. The survival rate of patients with papillary thyroid cancer within 10 years can even reach more than 90%!


2. Acute lymphocytic leukemia:

“Cancer” is clinically divided into two types: solid and non-solid. Leukemia is precisely the proliferation of non-solid malignant cells, and it is also called clinically: blood cancer.

Leukemia itself has many pathological types, among which acute lymphoblastic leukemia is the most common, which mostly occurs in children and adolescents.

The clinical data survey shows that among the pediatric patients in some countries, the survival rate within five years has reached more than 90%, and the survival rate within five years of adults has reached about 80%. It is the existence with the best prognosis effect among all the pathological types of leukemia;


3. Bladder cancer:

Bladder cancer is a common malignant tumor of the urinary system, and its age of onset is basically concentrated around 50 to 70 years old, and the incidence rate of men is significantly higher than that of women.

This kind of cancer is different from other internal organ cancers. Its early symptoms are relatively obvious, and even in the early stage, patients may have hematuria, which is easy to be detected by patients and discovered in time.

After the diagnosis of early bladder cancer and timely treatment, the survival rate can reach nearly 92% within five years;


4. Prostate cancer:

This is a cancer that originates from the epithelial tissue of the prostate. Nearly 80% of prostate cancer patients are elderly people over 65 years old. Therefore, prostate cancer is also considered to be a type of male geriatric disease.

This kind of cancer develops slowly and is not easy to progress. It leaves patients with sufficient time to detect and intervene in cancer. Moreover, the prognosis of early prostate cancer is good. Even if the patient is not treated in time, the possibility of dying from prostate cancer itself within 10 years It is also very low, about 1%!

4 types of cancer are hopefully cured: Don’t give up too soon

In addition to the above four types of carcinogenesis, breast cancer, gastric cancer, and colorectal cancer organ cancers, if they can be detected early and actively intervened, the survival rate of patients within five years can reach about 70-90%.

Therefore, the clinical treatment standard for cancer is only six words: early detection and early treatment. You should always pay attention to abnormal changes in your body in your life, and if necessary, you need to have regular anti-cancer physical examinations in order to detect cancer as early as possible and prevent cancer from reaching an irreversible ending.




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