June 22, 2024

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Chinese SINOPHARM Vaccine may not be effective for Indian variants

5 people still infected in Vietname! Chinese SINOPHARM Vaccine may not be effective for Indian variants!


Chinese SINOPHARM Vaccine may not be effective for Indian variants. According to reports, five Chinese citizens went to Vietnam for business trip in early April and were infected with Indian COVID-19 variants during the quarantine in a hotel in Vietnam. Some people from India also lived in same hotel at that time. 

Some media said these five Chinese people should complete vaccination by SINOPHARM COVID-19 vaccine before they went to Vietname, so many people doubt if inactivated vacciines like vaccines developed by SINOPHARM and SINOVAC(Kexing) are not effective enough for variant strains found in India first.

At the end of April, five people were successively tested positive for the new coronavirus nucleic acid when they returned to China and entered the country. The closed-loop management of the whole process after entry has not caused infection of local people.

Vietnam has seen a surge in local cases in recent days. On the afternoon of May 17th, Prime Minister Fan Myung-chung of the Vietnamese government hosted a meeting on the prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic under the new situation. He believed that the source of infection of the outbreak was imported from abroad. Vietnam’s entry and exit management, especially the management of illegal entry and exit and illegal residence, is still There are many loopholes and problems, and there are many shortcomings in isolation management and post-isolation management.

Vietnam Express published an article on May 4, “Chinese Expert Team May Be Infected in Quarantine Hotel”, arguing that Vietnam’s quarantine measures were not in place, causing Indian experts to infect Chinese experts.

Chen Defu, an infectious disease expert in Vietnam, said, “There must be a problem with the quarantine measures at the hotel on Ruyue 2nd. Indians infected the hotel attendants. The patients infected by Chinese experts in Vinh Phuc province were also infected with the variant strains circulating in India. These two cases indicate two cases. There is a relationship between the people.”

Before the end of April this year, Vietnam had no local cases for more than a month. According to a report from Vietnam Express, this situation was broken on April 27. Four Indian experts and a Vietnamese employee in an isolated hotel in Yen Bai province were confirmed to be infected. The virus sequencing showed that they were infected with a variant strain circulating in India. .

The Chinese expert group may have been infected by Indian experts in an isolated hotel. Reports questioned that there were serious violations of the quarantine measures and testing procedures of Vietnamese hotels, which caused a large number of people to be infected with the virus and not detected.

According to reports, Chinese experts also caused many local infections in Vietnam during their trip after the release of quarantine.

On May 5, the Vietnamese government website announced the tightening of quarantine regulations. People entering from abroad and close contacts with confirmed patients must be quarantined in an official quarantine area for three weeks.

According to data released by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam, as of the 18th, a total of 3,042 confirmed local cases have been diagnosed throughout Vietnam, of which 1,472 have been recorded since late April.

According to a Bloomberg report on the 18th, due to the surge in cases, the Vietnamese government has notified Foxconn and Luxshare Precision to close their factories.


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