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Can garlic cause cancer when cooked at high termperature?

Can garlic cause cancer when cooked at high termperature?


Can garlic cause cancer when cooked at high termperature?  Who is not suitable for eating onions and garlic? 

Can onion and garlic prevent cancer or cause cancer?

In daily life, garlic is common in the kitchen.  Everyone is familiar with it.

In recent years, there have been divergent opinions on the anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects of onions and garlic. Some people say that eating onions and garlic can fight cancer, and some people say that using garlic in a pot can cause cancer…


Can onion and garlic prevent cancer or cause cancer?

Who is not suitable for eating onions and garlic?

Let’s look down together~

What are the benefits of garlic for human health?

In terms of nutrition, compared with other vegetables, the trace element selenium contained in onion and garlic is the highest in all fresh vegetables, while its vitamin C, beta carotene and dietary fiber content are not high, even in all fresh vegetables. Inferior level.

Scallion and garlic contain a unique natural antioxidant-sulfur-containing compounds, which constitute the pungent and pungent taste of scallion and garlic. Although sulfur-containing compounds are not essential nutrients for the human body, they are a kind of phytochemicals that are beneficial to health.

Can garlic in a hot pot cause cancer?

In addition, because onions and garlic can give food a taste that stimulates appetite, adding natural plant spices such as onions and garlic in cooking can reduce the use of salt and other salt-containing sauces.


Can garlic cook really cause cancer?

Many people uses hot pot with high-temperature oil to make garlic with better smell or favor. The temperature of the hot pot is relatively high. At high temperatures, acrylamide may be produced. Acrylamide is a substance with a high possibility of causing cancer to the human body. There are many risks in high-temperature fried food.

All carbohydrate-containing foods will produce acrylamide at a high temperature of 120°C. Even if garlic is not used, it is the same to use green onions and ginger. Therefore, the risk of carcinogenesis is caused by the “hot pot” rather than garlic.


So, can the garlic be eaten after cooked in hot pot?

As far as the acrylamide produced in the garlic pot is concerned, to reach the carcinogenic limit confirmed by the World Health Organization, a healthy person needs to eat 32.7 kg of garlic in a short period of time. Therefore, it can be determined that the claim that a few petals of garlic are carcinogenic is lack of scientificity.


Is garlic better to be eaten raw or cooked?

Sulfur-containing organic substances with health-care functions in onions and garlic are easily destroyed by high-temperature frying and simmering. Therefore, eating onions and garlic raw can obtain more healthy “allicin” active ingredients.

Garlic always contains alliin and alliinase, which are necessary to produce allicin, which are distributed in different plant tissue structures of fresh and complete garlic. For example, alliinase is in the cell, and alliin is in the extracellular fluid. Cells are damaged in chopped, crushed, and chewed, and alliinase is released and contacts with alliin to produce allicin.


The amount of allicin produced by garlic is related to the degree of tissue damage, the amount of oxygen involved in the reaction, and the duration of the reaction. That is, the more garlic is cut and the longer it is put in the air (be careful not to make the garlic lose moisture and stop the reaction for too long), the more allicin will be produced. It can be seen that minced garlic and mashed garlic are more beneficial to the synthesis of allicin than garlic slices.


The bactericidal effect and special flavor of garlic are mainly derived from allicin, but allicin has a certain stimulating effect on the gastric mucosa, so it is best to eat less raw garlic for gastritis and the elderly and infirm. It is not necessary for healthy people to consume too much raw garlic in order to pursue the health function of garlic.


Although the organic sulfides in cooked garlic have been destroyed to some extent, the selenium content in garlic has not changed much. It still has health care and sterilization effects. After cooking, the irritating damage of garlic disappears. You can eat more cloves.


How much is appropriate to eat every day? Who is not suitable for eating onions and garlic?

Usually most people eat green onions and garlic for seasoning, and the proportion of their intake in the daily diet is very small, so do not imagine that you can prevent cancer, control blood pressure and lower blood lipids by eating more onions and garlic in your daily diet.


Suggestion: Healthy people can achieve health care by eating 2-3 cloves of garlic every day, but it also varies from person to person. Especially people with acute and chronic gastritis, the elderly and the infirm, reduce the frequency and amount of onions and garlic, let alone eat them raw.


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