July 17, 2024

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Japan: 83% women have “Moderna arms” after receiving Moderna vaccine

Japan: 83% women have “Moderna arms” after receiving Moderna vaccine

Japan: 83% women have “Moderna arms” after receiving Moderna vaccine. 

The current Japanese COVID-19 epidemic continues to worsen, and vaccination has become the main means of controlling the epidemic. However, Japan’s Fuji Net News said on the 7th that a Japanese survey showed that many people who received the Moderna COVID-19 vaccines had redness and itching on the arm vaccinated, and the proportion of women was as high as 83. %. What is going on in this situation called the “Moderna Arm”?

According to the report, a large-scale investigation conducted by the Central Hospital of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces in early July showed that of the 42,000 people who received the Moderna vaccine, 2,369 people began to develop “Moderna arm” symptoms 4 days after the vaccination. Statistics show that the median age of people with related symptoms is 69 years old, with 419 men (17%) and 1950 women (83%). The onset of symptoms is about 4-21 days after vaccination, with a median of 7 days; it takes 1-34 days for complete disappearance, with a median of 5 days. The subjects of the survey are vaccinators aged 18-91, but Japanese medical experts said that because Japan prioritizes vaccination of middle-aged and elderly people, most of the symptoms in the data are middle-aged and elderly people.

As for why the proportion of women with symptoms is higher, the hospital’s doctors Kazuo Imai and Shuichi Kono said in an interview that the exact cause is not yet known, but generally speaking, women’s immune response (immune response) is usually better than that of men. More obvious. Two experts cited as examples, diseases caused by immune response, such as collagen disease or thyroid disease, are usually more female patients.

In addition, Japanese experts also believe that the proportion of “Moderna arms” in Japan is much higher than that of European and American data, but it is not yet confirmed whether it is related to the physique of Asians or whether it is related to the different standards of statistical “symptoms”.

Although the cause of the symptoms is unknown, Japanese experts emphasized that the current “Moderna arm” does not affect the second dose of vaccine. In terms of treatment, if itching or pain is severe, it is recommended that patients use antipyretic analgesics, but pay attention to whether it will affect the normal immune response. If symptoms persist for more than a week, it is recommended to go to the hospital for treatment.


Japan: 83% women have "Moderna arms" after receiving Moderna vaccine


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