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FDA rejected Biden’s third-dose COVID-19 vaccination program

FDA rejected Biden’s comprehensive third-dose COVID-19 vaccination program.



FDA rejected Biden’s comprehensive third-dose COVID-19 vaccination program.

The US FDA has decided to reject Biden’s comprehensive third-dose intensive vaccination program. And this is what ultimately affects the decision-making!


On September 17, 2021, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)‘s independent vaccine expert meeting voted: 6 months after people 65 years of age and older and people at high risk of COVID-19 are fully vaccinated, Pfizer will be authorized for emergency use The BNT162b2 vaccine is used as a booster vaccination.

This expert meeting evaluated “Pfizer’s application for intensive vaccination for all Americans over the age of 16”.


The voting result is 16:3. That is, 16 votes opposed to the application.


According to a report in the New York Times, experts debated fiercely on many details.

But the opinions of many experts are puzzling, including:


1. The definition of severe illness:

Israel defines any person infected with COVID-19 with an increased respiratory rate and a pulse oxygen saturation of less than 94% as severely ill. As a result, Israel has provided a third shot of vaccination to everyone over 12 years of age.

And the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) scientist Sara Oliver said that the CDC treats people with serious illnesses that require hospitalization as severely ill.

This difference may explain why the vaccine protections reported by Israel and the United States are so different.

Israel reports that a large number of fully vaccinated people are seriously ill and require hospitalization; while in the United States, fully vaccinated patients account for only 2%.


What is provided is this evidence:

Is the third dose of vaccination in the United States to be reversed? The FDA issued a review of 32 mRNA research papers, and put forward different opinions on Biden’s third dose of vaccination!

Regarding this article, there is a lot of controversy:

Under normal circumstances, if the pulse oxygen saturation is lower than 93%, you need to be hospitalized for oxygen inhalation; but some hospitals need pulse oxygen to fall 90% before being admitted to the hospital. In areas where medical runs occur, patients may die of illness without being admitted to the hospital.

The key is that unlike patients who can know that their shortness of breath is different, pulse oxygen saturation needs to be detected by an instrument, so some patients can not determine the severity of the disease and die at home. It is rare that these patients who die at home are not seriously ill? Is it that the pulse oxygen is lower than 93% but higher than 90% without being admitted to the hospital without being seriously ill?



2. Insufficient antibody immunity and cellular immunity come together.

Some vaccine experts say: Indeed, after vaccination, antibodies will decrease over time. However, studies so far have shown that immune cells that prevent severe illness remain stable.

The evidence provided is this paper:

[Science] Low-dose mRNA vaccine can induce long-term T cell responses, including killer CD8+ cells; the common cold coronavirus can indeed pre-exist immune responses!

It is true. After the antibody titer is down, it is difficult to prevent infection; however, because of the presence of cellular immunity, human immune cells reactivate and secrete neutralizing antibodies, thereby preventing the development of severe illness.

Therefore, what the experts mean is “just prevent severe illness, regardless of preventing infection.”


3. Recognize the effectiveness of intensive vaccination, but not recognize long-term benefits.

According to real-world research in Israel after intensive vaccination, intensive vaccination reduced the infection rate by 11 times and the severe illness rate by 19.5 times.

Experts say: This result is not surprising; however, it does not indicate a long-term benefit.

We have also interpreted this paper: the first third-shot intensive vaccination vaccine protection data was published, and the protection against infection has increased by 11.3 times!

This is a bit unreasonable. Six months after vaccination, the protection against infection was reduced. He said that “the key is to reduce the rate of severe illness.” Now that the effective result of reducing the rate of severe illness has come out, he said, “This is the case right now, I admit it; but in the long run. ?”

Waiting for long-term results?


4. Regarding some of the Israeli research results, the expert committee said: This is a result that has not been peer reviewed.


Finally, before the irrefutable evidence, the experts finally said a word of conscience: We already know that the immune response caused by the vaccine in the elderly is weak, so it is not controversial to recommend additional vaccination for the elderly.

Regarding this result, Dr. Archana Chatterjee, dean of Rosalind Franklin University Chicago School of Medicine, said: This result proves that they (the expert committee) are truly independent consultants.




Under the decision-making system of technocrats, SCI papers are the most critical factor influencing decision-making.

The evidence used by these expert committees is the highest quality research papers.


In general, these data show:

In the general population, vaccines (mainly mRNA vaccines) have reduced protection against infection with Delta mutant strains, and the protection against hospitalization remains unchanged.

However, old age, low immune function, and a vulnerable environment may all lead to reduced protection of vaccines against Delta mutant strains. For these people, such as elderly people in nursing homes, elderly people, cancer or immunosuppressive patients, medical staff, etc. Under the circumstances, it is necessary to give the third dose of intensive vaccination as soon as possible.


The U.S. third dose of vaccination is going to be reversed?  FDA put forward different opinions on Biden’s third dose of vaccination by publishing a review of 32 mRNA research papers!, but for people with low immune function and the elderly, the vaccine has a significant decrease in protection against hospitalization for COVID-19.

All these studies have shown that it is necessary to intensify vaccination and at least give some people a third dose of intensification vaccination.

FDA rejected Biden's comprehensive third-dose COVID-19 vaccination program.


However, there are currently 150,000 new infections in the United States every day and nearly 2,000 deaths from illness.

The biggest problem is: some people say they don’t get vaccinated or wear masks when they die; this is their freedom.

So, when people who don’t get vaccinated or don’t wear masks are everywhere, what needs to be done is: those who are willing to receive vaccine protection also have the freedom to receive intensive vaccination.


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