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Japan COVID-19 oral drug has entered the final clinical stage

Japan COVID-19 oral drug has entered the final clinical stage

Japan COVID-19 oral drug has entered the final clinical stage.

According to a Japanese media report on September 29, the new coronavirus treatment drug currently being developed by Japan’s Shionogi Pharmaceutical  has entered the final clinical trial stage.

Shiono Yoshitaka’s president, Temogi, said on the efficacy of the drug, “I think the drug is effective against the epidemic strains of COVID-19 disease” and will step up the process to apply for approval from the country.

It is understood that the oral drug developed this time is suitable for new patients with mild or asymptomatic, once a day for 5 days. The drug started the first phase of clinical trials in July this year. Starting from the 27th of last month, about 2,000 people were involved in the second and third phases of clinical trials at the same time. No major safety issues have been found.

Tetsuya Matsumoto, a well-known Japanese COVID-19 virus expert and director of the International University of Medical Welfare, pointed out that Shiono Yoshitaka’s oral medicine can be taken by patients at home, which can greatly reduce the pressure on medical treatment, and can prevent severe illness and prevent close contact. Were infected with the virus.

Shionogi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., founded in Osaka, Japan in 1878, is a pharmaceutical company specializing in drug R&D, production and sales. The drugs produced cover Japan and radiate the world. The Japanese domestic vaccine being developed by the company will also undergo final clinical trials after October, and strive to achieve practical use within this year.

Shionogi Pharmaceutical also announced on the 29th that it will start clinical trials of the nasal spray COVID-19 vaccine in 2022. The vaccine does not need to be injected into patients and is expected to be popularized in areas with imperfect medical environments such as emerging market countries. In this regard, the company did not disclose the specific time for its practical application.

Shionogi Pharmaceutical is developing a COVID-19 vaccine and therapeutic drugs at the same time. The injection vaccine plans to enter the final stage of clinical trials within this year, and strives to be practical in 2021. On the other hand, Shiono Yoshitaka’s COVID-19 treatment drug is an oral drug for patients with mild illnesses. It prevents the disease from becoming more severe by inhibiting the proliferation of the virus. The drug has launched a final clinical trial on the 27th of this month and will be established in Japan before the end of the year. A production system of 1 million shares.

Shionogi Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical President Temoki revealed in August that, regarding the new coronavirus treatment drugs under development, plans to establish a production system for 10 million people in Japan and abroad by the end of March 2022.

Shionogi Pharmaceutical will start initial clinical trials of new drug candidates in Japan in July, and will start large-scale final clinical trials in multiple countries as early as 2021. The goal is to obtain emergency use in the United States by the end of March 2022. license.

Japan COVID-19 oral drug has entered the final clinical stage.

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