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Powell dies due to COVID-19 Also suffered Multiple Myeloma

PowelFormer U.S. Secretary of State Powell dies due to COVID-19 Also suffered Multiple Myeloma


Former U.S. Secretary of State Powell dies due to COVID-19 Also suffered Multiple Myeloma

What’s Multiple Myeloma?

The family of former US Secretary of State Colin Powell (General Colin Powell) released news that Powell died at the age of 84 due to complications caused by the COVID-19 infection.

It is reported that Powell has been fully vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine, but because of his advanced age and Multiple Myeloma before his death, he is still a high-risk group.

Multiple myeloma is a malignant hematological tumor caused by plasma cell cancer. It mostly occurs in elderly people over 60 years old (very rare under 40 years old). There are more males than females. On average, 6.5 new cases occur per 100,000 people in United States each year.


In the human immune system, plasma cells are differentiated from B cells. When B cells receive antigen stimulation, some of them will differentiate into plasma cells and migrate to the bone marrow. Plasma cells will produce highly efficient specific antibodies for a long time and have a very long life.

Some vaccines that have very long-lasting protection and are even considered to be life-long protection are often related to the induction of plasma cells.

But for patients with multiple myeloma, cancerous plasma cells appear in the body, and these cancer cells will produce a large number of useless antibodies-these antibodies are not produced against a certain pathogen and do not have any protective effect.

At the same time, cancer cells proliferating in large numbers in the bone marrow invaded the living space of normal cells, including hematopoietic stem cells. Therefore, patients with multiple myeloma are often accompanied by anemia and severe immunosuppression, and are extremely susceptible to infection.

Other common manifestations include bone pain (the patient’s bone damage is accompanied by the release of calcium in the bone, causing high blood calcium, leading to a series of symptoms), kidney damage (the cancer cells produce a large number of useless antibodies that increase blood viscosity and metabolism The pressure of these excess proteins leads to impaired kidney function) and so on.



There is no doubt that patients with multiple bone marrow cancer belong to the immunosuppressed population. For this population, the immune response after receiving two injections of mRNA vaccine is often very limited, and a third dose is required (CDC recommended three injections of mRNA vaccine for immunosuppressed people at the end of August).

Different from the booster shot for ordinary people, the third shot of immunosuppressed people only hopes to induce at least a certain degree of immune protection, and the interval does not need to be half a year, but the second shot can be vaccinated one month after the vaccination.


According to Powell’s staff, Powell completed the second dose of COVID-19 vaccination in February 2021. He planned to receive the third dose last week, but he could not receive the vaccination due to illness.


However, even after the third shot, immunosuppressed people are still at high risk and need to take more protective measures, such as wearing masks and maintaining social distance. People in contact with them need to be vaccinated to reduce the risk of infection.


For multiple myeloma itself, it is a disease that has seen many breakthroughs in treatment in recent years. From chemotherapy, to protease inhibitors (the classic case of the nightmare of adverse drug reactions, “Thalidomide” has also been transformed for the treatment of myeloma, and has achieved revolutionary effects), and then to antibody drugs that target myeloma cancer cells , Even Car-T, thanks to many innovations, the five-year survival rate of patients has now reached 54%, and the average survival time has been mentioned to 4-5 years. Even so, life is still fragile, especially cancer patients.


Powell is an epoch-making figure. He was born into a Jamaican immigrant family. He was the first African-American national security adviser in the history of the United States (Reagan period), the first African-American and the youngest chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (the highest position in the US military, old During the Bush era), the first African-American secretary of state (in the Bush era, it was the highest government position achieved by minorities at that time, and the secretary of state ranked fourth in terms of presidential succession, vice president-House of Representatives-secretary of state).

Powell is 84 years old. Throughout his life, he has achieved the highest height that a person can achieve.

However, longevity does not mean that his life should end in the present. Due to immunosuppression caused by advanced age and underlying diseases, Powell may not be able to get enough protection after being vaccinated.

However, his infection also has a source of infection, and many such infections in the United States, if traced back to the source, originate from people who meet the vaccination requirements but refuse to be vaccinated. These extremely irresponsible behaviors obviously need to be condemned.



Former U.S. Secretary of State Powell dies due to COVID-19 Also suffered Multiple Myeloma

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