April 17, 2024

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U.S. re-releases vaccine mandate to extend to 100 million people

U.S. re-releases vaccine mandate to extend to 100 million people


U.S. re-releases vaccine mandate to extend to 100 million people. U.S. re-releases vaccine mandate to extend to 100 million corporate labor and medical staff.


Following federal agency employees and contractor employees, the U.S. government once again announced a vaccine injunction on the 4th, requiring companies with more than 100 employees to have all employees vaccinated against the COVID-19 or undergo weekly virus testing before January 4 next year , which is expected to affect 8,400 across the United States. Ten thousand workers.


In addition, for nursing homes, hospitals and other institutions that receive federal medical insurance (Medicare, commonly known as red and blue cards) and medical assistance programs (Medicaid, commonly known as white cards), all workers in these places are vaccinated, and no regular virus is allowed. Approximately 17 million people were tested and replaced.


“The virus will not go away automatically. We must take action.” US President Biden stated in a statement that these new regulations will account for two-thirds of the U.S. labor force and about 100 million Americans; calling on employers to take action to help the U.S. get rid of the epidemic. Save lives and protect economic recovery.


The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) stated that companies that violate the regulations will face a fine of nearly $14,000 each time.


The Associated Press reported that it is not clear how OSHA will implement this rule. A senior official said that the competent authority will lock down companies that are complained.


U.S. re-releases vaccine mandate to extend to 100 million people


According to the administrative order issued by Biden in September, workers have the right to apply for a vaccination exemption order for medical or religious reasons; in general, workers must be fully vaccinated before January 4 next year, and those who have not been vaccinated must report to their employers weekly At least one negative test report for the virus and wear a mask all the time at work; employees who are diagnosed with the new coronavirus must stay away from the office.


For vaccinated workers, OSHA requires companies to provide paid leave for vaccinations, effective from December 5.


According to statistics, 70% of American adults have been fully vaccinated. Biden vigorously advocates the private sector to urge its employees to vaccinate. The large retailer Walmart, with more than 2 million employees, is also the largest private employer in the United States and has requested the headquarters.

Employees and mobile management should be vaccinated before October 4; United Airlines requires 67,000 all employees to be vaccinated or face dismissal.


So far, 740,000 people in the United States have been killed by the COVID-19 virus. The Biden administration has required employees of federal agencies to be vaccinated, and now it has further expanded to the private sector.


The White House is being sued by 19 Republican states for unconstitutional lawsuits due to a vaccine injunction issued in September, hoping to prevent the Biden administration from requiring federal agency employees and contractors’ employees to be vaccinated.


The Biden administration’s move was once again questioned and may violate the authority of the state government. Senior officials said that this is an emergency authorization. Facial mask.


The Associated Press reported that some companies are still worried that the new order will let workers who are hesitant about the vaccine leave their jobs and make the labor shortage even worse; retailers complain that the Biden administration’s new policy will disrupt the Christmas holiday schedule and may lead to supply. The chain is broken.



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