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Regeneron neutralizing antibody may not be effective against Omicron

Regeneron neutralizing antibody may not be effective against Omicron


Regeneron neutralizing antibody may not be effective against Omicron

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals‘ neutralizing antibody combination therapy may not be effective against the new variant of the new coronavirus: Omicron.

On November 30,  Regeneron announced that preliminary tests showed that its neutralizing antibody combination therapy had no effect on the Omicron mutant strain.

According to reports, if the new variants spread widely, some products of this type of therapy may need to be modified.

The above report also cited external scientists as saying that a separate test of Eli Lilly’s neutralizing antibody combination therapy showed that it was not as effective for Omicron.

Eli Lilly has previously stated that the company is testing the impact of the new variant on its neutralizing antibody therapy, but will not speculate on the final result.

The Wall Street Journal emphasized in the report that the above findings are an early result of researchers evaluating the impact of new variants on COVID-19 treatment drugs.

Some researchers said that some antibody therapies may be particularly vulnerable to variants because these drugs target It is the S protein that is prone to mutation, and other drugs that directly deal with viral components should work well.

Both Regeneron and Eli Lilly’s COVID-19 neutralizing antibody therapy have obtained emergency use authorization in the United States, not only for treatment, but also for post-exposure prevention.

It is worth mentioning that in October 2020, after the then-U.S. President Trump confirmed the COVID-19, the treatment options he received included the COVID-19-neutralizing antibody therapy of Regeneron, which was still under development at the time.

The Wall Street Journal quoted Regeneron’s president and chief scientific officer George Jankopoulos as saying that if the final test results prove that the neutralizing antibody is not effective for Omicron, then Regeneron can already develop alternative antibodies for clinical testing.


We have to admit that in the past six days, our sense of urgency has increased. What was initially considered a backup plan is now becoming more urgent.”

Recently, the Omicron variant has attracted global attention.

Regarding the impact of this variant on the COVID-19 neutralizing antibody drug, a professional who participated in the research and development of domestically-made neutralizing antibody therapy told The Paper reporter that the impact is being evaluated.


Scientists believe that the coronavirus has more than 29,900 bases, and the Omicron variant has more than 30 mutations, not counting To continue to strengthen monitoring and sequencing.

Viral mutation may reduce the protective effect of neutralizing antibodies induced by the vaccine, but the effect of the vaccine should still exist.

At present, humans know very little about the Omicron variant, and it will take time to evaluate its infectiousness, pathogenicity and impact on the vaccine.

Moreover,  the virus has been mutating, and the research and development of vaccines and drugs for the new variant strain of the COVID-19 should be continuously strengthened. The superposition of mutations may reduce the protective efficacy of some antibody drugs against Omicron mutants, and the ability of existing vaccines to escape immunity needs further monitoring and research.






Regeneron neutralizing antibody may not be effective against Omicron

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