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Paris hospital beds account for half of COVID-19 patients

Paris hospital beds account for half of COVID-19 patients and stop non-emergency operations


Paris hospital beds account for half of COVID-19 patients and stop non-emergency operations


The epidemic in France continues to spread, and experts predict that the peak of diagnosis will fall at the end of January.

The influx of severely ill patients with COVID-19 into intensive care beds, coupled with the original shortage of manpower, has caused the Greater Paris Hospital to cancel non-emergency operations and treatments on January 03, 2022 , so that vacant beds gets available. 


The French Public Health Agency (Santé publique France) released data on the 2nd. In the past week, COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019) has been newly diagnosed with an average of more than 160,000 people every day, and the number of infections increased by nearly 150% within 7 days.


The Omicron mutant strain swept over, and the hospital’s lack of manpower, especially the nurses, made the situation in the hospital worse.

According to the Paris Medical and Health Agency (ARS), half of the intensive care beds in the Île-de-France hospitals in Paris are currently severely ill with COVID-19.


Therefore, the Paris Medical and Health Department recently recommended that hospitals cancel non-emergency hospitalizations and surgeries for the next week from today to vacate beds to treat critically ill patients, except for pediatrics, cancer oncology, organ transplantation, cardiac surgery, and nephrology. 


Paris hospital beds account for half of COVID-19 patients and stop non-emergency operations



The Paris Medical and Health Department stated that all departments in public and private hospitals lack nurses, and the situation is more serious in the Paris Central Hospital. Take the Paris area as an example on December 31 last year.

A total of 4,198 people were hospitalized in public and private hospitals, of which 732 were admitted to the intensive care unit. At the same time, 15% of the beds were removed due to insufficient staff.


The Department of Health wrote in a message sent to medical institutions, “The situation is very worrying… and at the same time, there are severe manpower strains.”


Institut Pasteur, France, pointed out that in order to vacate new beds to treat new COVID-19 patients, sacrifice is necessary, and emphasized that the peak of the epidemic will come at the end of January and early February, so the hospital needs to support it in a few weeks.


The hospital in Marseille in the southern big city told Le Monde that the hospital had been forced to “select” patients a few days ago because COVID-19 patients were almost full of beds, and 31 of the 44 beds were due to COVID-19. For hospitalization, they have to classify patients and select those who need priority treatment.


Transplant specialist Benoît Averland said frankly that “patients need to compete for beds because the hospital is not operating normally, but the team will still try their best.”


In an exclusive interview with Les Echos, the head of the Paris United Hospital (AP-HP), Martin Hirsch, predicted that due to the overwhelming number of patients and insufficient manpower, “the hospital will sway in January.” However, Virginie, a 50-year-old nurse, told Le Parisien, “Why is the hospital ship swaying? It’s going to sink.”


The Parisian newspaper reported that an internal report in December last year showed that the Paris United Hospital lost a total of 400 nurses last year, a total of 1,100 fewer than in 2018, resulting in the removal of 1,200 beds;

in October 2021, night shift work The shortage is as high as 645. However, in the past three years, the population of Greater Paris has increased by 600,000 people.


The French public medical system has faced many problems in the past few years, including lack of labor in hospitals, treatment of medical staff, and insufficient beds.

Medical personnel are eager for presidential candidates to propose reforms to the public medical system during the election campaign.





Paris hospital beds account for half of COVID-19 patients and stop non-emergency operations

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