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Nature: Nano flu vaccine protects against seasonal flu

Nature: Nano flu vaccine protects against seasonal flu


Nature: Nano flu vaccine protects against seasonal flu

According to a recent study, researchers have developed an experimental flu vaccine that protects animals from a variety of seasonal and pandemic strains of the flu.

The vaccine is currently moving towards clinical testing.

If proven safe and effective, these next-generation flu vaccines could replace current seasonal options by providing protection against more strains that current vaccines cannot adequately cover.


A study published March 24 in the journal Nature examines in detail how new flu vaccines are designed and how they protect mice, ferrets and non-human primates.

The work was led by researchers at the University of Washington School of Medicine and members of the Center for Vaccine Research at the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Influenza viruses often mutate, is flu vaccine really effective?


An estimated 290,000-650,000 people are currently killed by influenza viruses. Existing flu vaccines require seasonal use and generally do not protect against multiple circulating flu strains. “Most flu vaccines available today are tetravalent, meaning they are made from four different strains of flu. The World Health Organization predicts the four most prevalent flu strains each year, but these predictions may More or less accurate. That’s why we often end up with ‘mismatched’ flu vaccines that are still helpful, but only partially effective.” is an assistant professor of biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine in the lab of Neil King said research scientist Daniel Ellis.

To create an improved version of the flu vaccine, the team attached hemagglutinin proteins from four different influenza viruses to custom-made protein nanoparticles.

This approach allows unprecedented control over the molecular configuration of the resulting vaccine and produces an improved immune response compared to conventional influenza vaccines.

The new nanoparticle vaccine contains the same four hemagglutinin proteins as the commercial quadrivalent influenza vaccine, eliciting response to vaccine-matched strains that are equivalent or better than commercial vaccines in mice, ferrets and non-human primates Neutralizing antibody response.

Nanovaccines (but not commercial vaccines) can also induce protective antibody responses against viruses not included in the vaccine formulation.

“Our vaccine has really been a strong response to strain-matched viruses, and the additional coverage we’re seeing against mismatched strains can reduce the risk of flu season,” Ellis said.








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Nature: Nano flu vaccine protects against seasonal flu

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