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New nano-vaccine may be against various coronaviruses and mutants

New nano-vaccine may be against various coronaviruses and mutants


New nano-vaccine may be against various coronaviruses and mutants.  Nature: New nano-vaccine may prevent infections of various coronaviruses and mutants.

Since the 21st century, the world has been prone to outbreaks of infectious diseases caused by multiple coronaviruses-SARS, New Coronavirus and MERS Coronavirus.

The β-coronavirus, which is transmitted in civet cats, bats and Malay pangolins, is genetically similar to SARS-CoV-1 and SARS-CoV-2, and infects human cells through human ACE2 receptors, which can cause severe acute respiratory syndrome The outbreak of SARS and MERS, as well as the pandemic of COVID-19.

Cross-reactive antibodies that can neutralize a variety of β-coronavirus and prevent or treat β-coronavirus infection have been isolated from SARS-CoV-1 infected persons, which provides a basis for the development of a β-coronavirus vaccine against SARS virus .

In mice, vaccines that can induce cross-reactive antibodies to the coronavirus have also been reported. However, it is currently unclear whether primate vaccination can induce cross-reactive antibodies against SARS-CoV-1, β-coronavirus or SARS-CoV-2 virus.

On May 10, 2021, the research team of Duke University School of Medicine published a research paper titled “Neutralizing antibody vaccine for pandemic and pre-emergent coronaviruses” in Nature.

The research developed a nano-vaccine, supplemented with 3M-052 adjuvant, which can induce protective immunity against SARS-CoV-2 and β-coronavirus spreading in animals, and can prevent a possible β-coronavirus pandemic in the future. , And provide a technical platform for the further development of pan-β-coronavirus vaccine.

New nano-vaccine may be against various coronaviruses and mutants

The Achilles’ heel of coronaviruses is their receptor binding domain (RBD), which is located on the spike that connects the virus to human cell receptors. This binding site allows the virus to enter the body and cause infection, but it can also be targeted by antibodies.

The research team identified a specific receptor binding domain site on SARS-CoV-2, which makes them extremely vulnerable to cross-reactive antibodies.

Then, the research team designed a ferritin nanoparticle vaccine to inject five macaques. The ACE2 competitive binding test proved that the nano vaccine prevented COVID-19 infection. Compared with the current vaccine platform or human natural infection, the new vaccine also caused a higher level of neutralization in animals.

New nano-vaccine may be against various coronaviruses and mutants

As the SARS-CoV-2 variant B.1.1.7 is spreading globally, it is worthy of attention. The research team tested and found that the rhesus monkeys injected with the vaccine produced neutralizing antibodies against the mutant strain.

The SARS-related coronavirus spreading in humans and animals remains a threat to future outbreaks. Therefore, the research team tested the neutralizing effect of rhesus monkey immune serum inoculated with RBD on SARS-CoV-1, bat CoV-WIV-1, and bat CoV-SHC014 viruses. After two immunizations, the rhesus monkeys produced antibodies that neutralized the above coronavirus.

New nano-vaccine may be against various coronaviruses and mutants

In order to determine the protective effect of the vaccine against coronavirus infection, the research team injected the vaccine into rhesus monkeys that had been infected with the coronavirus, and found that the symptoms of the virus infection were relieved, the inflammation was reduced, and the virus stopped replicating and spreading, proving that the vaccine can treat the coronavirus. Viral infection.

New nano-vaccine may be against various coronaviruses and mutants

In conclusion, RBD immunization with the Toll-like receptor agonist 3M-052 as an adjuvant can induce cross-reactive neutralizing antibodies against multiple SARS-related human and bat β-coronaviruses in primates. The 3M-052 adjuvant RBD vaccine will be a promising pan-vaccine development platform, paving the way for the defense of the coronavirus to attack humans again.




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