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Messi: COVID-19 Sequelae made me unable to run for a month and a half

Messi: COVID-19 Sequelae made me unable to run for a month and a half


Messi: COVID-19 Sequelae made me unable to run for a month and a half,  my wife and I cried when we first arrived in Paris. 

On May 30, Messi, who was preparing for the European and American Super Cup with the Argentine national team, was interviewed by Argentine TYC Sports.

The ministry brought sequelae, which made him unable to run for a month and a half.


Messi: COVID-19 Sequelae made me unable to run for a month and a half


In an interview on Monday, the 34-year-old Messi recalled the discomfort of contracting the new coronavirus in early January, saying that he experienced the typical symptoms of the virus – sore throat, cough and fever, and even after recovery, he was still in contact with his respiratory tract. problem.


“It left a legacy on my lungs. I couldn’t run for almost a month and a half after I came back because of the effects on my lungs.”


Messi added that he forced himself to return to the field early, which aggravated his discomfort, “but I couldn’t take it anymore, I wanted to run, I wanted to train, I wanted to restart, and it got worse in the end. “


He went on to refer to Paris Saint-Germain’s defeat in the Champions League knockout round, “When I was at 50 per cent [compared to my peak form], what happened to Real Madrid and we were out. It took me and the team and the whole It’s hard for the club because we had a big dream in that game.” In that game, Messi, who represented Paris, did not perform well and missed a penalty and was criticized for a while.


“Real Madrid’s game has hit us hard, and the best team doesn’t always win,” Messi also said, adding that Real Madrid is the European champion and has been hovering in that position or up and down, “but they are not the best team in the league.” , because the Champions League is a game of comprehensive situation, critical moment and psychological quality, no matter how well prepared a team is, the slightest mistake may lead to failure.


Messi: COVID-19 Sequelae made me unable to run for a month and a half


In the interview that day, Messi talked about his changes since he moved from Barcelona to Paris. He said frankly: “This is a difficult transition, a difficult year. The adaptation process is not easy, especially at my age, already in the same the place for so long.”


Messi said that he had lived in Barcelona longer than in Argentina and did not want to seek change. He revealed that the children are adapting well.

The eldest son, Thiago, did not communicate with them. At first, he wanted to be friends in Barcelona, ​​but then he got used to it. The second son, Mateo, has a better personality. I had to choose, I was in Paris for the first time.


“It was even harder for me and Antonella (his wife), I remember the first day of sending the kids to school was terrible, we all cried when we came out… Fortunately, it all went well.”


Messi revealed that he had to adapt to a new style of playing after going to Paris, and he started playing in Ligue 1 very late. At that time, a knee problem appeared, which prevented him from playing three or four games in a row. question to come.


Messi understands the boos sent by Paris fans in the final months of the season.


“This is a new experience for me. Now the situation is different. Before in Barcelona, ​​no one ever booed me and cheered me.” Messi said that the fans were understandably angry with the players, because Paris It is not the first time that he has been out of the Champions League in this way, and he also admitted that he and Neymar are the most booed players in the team.


Although this season has not been smooth, Messi still expressed his expectations for the next season, “In any case, I believe that this situation can be reversed, and next year will be different, I know the club and the city, and I relax a little. “


In addition, Messi is very optimistic about Benzema winning this year’s Ballon d’Or.


Messi, who has ended the Ligue 1 game this season, recently joined the Argentine national team. On June 1, local time, Messi will lead Argentina against European champion Italy at Wembley Stadium in London.



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