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FDA approved Siemens latest SPECT/CT system

FDA approved Siemens latest SPECT/CT system


FDA approved Siemens latest SPECT/CT system.

On June 13, 2022, Siemens Healthineers (Frankfurt: SHL) received FDA clearance for its latest SPECT/CT system, which combines SPECT and CT imaging into a relatively small device, Namely Symbia Pro.specta.


The Symbia Pro.specta is designed to replace Siemens’ Symbia Intevo line of SPECT/CT machines, which first received FDA clearance in 2013.

Siemens says the new system can be customized to fit different settings and can handle a range of different exams and patient types.


FDA approved Siemens latest SPECT/CT system


Siemens said SPECT/CT technology has not yet been widely adopted, and many medical institutions are still using pure SPECT gamma cameras, which do not meet the clinical needs of modern molecular imaging or radiology departments.


The system combines SPECT (single photon emission computed tomography) with conventional CT, relying on high-power gamma rays to generate 3D images to provide a clearer image of the body.

Because the hardware can be placed directly in existing exam rooms, the system can more easily help health systems and radiologists upgrade to SPECT/CT imaging.


At the heart of Symbia Pro.specta is myExam Companion, which includes an intuitive user interface that eliminates traditional manual and user-dependent SPECT/CT imaging workflows. myExam Companion provides automated tools that guide users through every step of the exam decision-making process, from system and patient preparation to image acquisition and reconstruction, to assessment and post-processing.

So departments can achieve consistent results quickly and easily, regardless of patient, procedure or user experience level.

Another standard major innovation is data-driven patient motion correction, which automatically corrects patient motion in SPECT exams with the click of a button, improving image quality without adding complexity.

In addition, data-driven respiratory motion correction for cardiac exams is also available as an option.


Pro.specta can provide a minimum of 32 and a maximum of 64 CT slices with standard tin filter and CT iterative reconstruction for ultra-low patient and room doses.

Its advanced quantification capabilities help users determine a patient’s response to therapy.

Capable of imaging at any energy level, the scanner is capable of imaging high-energy isotopes increasingly used in therapeutics, a method of combining diagnostic and therapeutic drugs to treat patients.





FDA approved Siemens latest SPECT/CT system

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