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Musk thinks Aspartame is safe or He’d be dead

Musk thinks Aspartame is safe or He’d be dead


Musk thinks Aspartame is safe or He’d be dead. 

The World Health Organization classifies Aspartame as a possible carcinogen, but Musk, the world’s richest man, disagrees.

On July 14, Musk responded to a tweet about the FDA’s insistence that Aspartame was safe, commenting: “ I would be dead If Aspartame was dangerous,”


Musk thinks Aspartame is safe or He'd be dead



Musk’s mother, Mayer Musk, a well-known nutritionist, also posted her opinion on Sunday, saying, “It’s best to drink less than 15 cans of diet soda a day, and be sure to eat less meat. “

Musk responded to his mother’s tweet, saying, “Indeed.”


Musk has publicly stated that he likes to drink Diet Coke.

In June 2022, Musk wrote on Twitter: “Diet Coke is great, especially the cold version of the movie theater, with salt and butter popcorn.” He also wrote: “I don’t even care if it lowers my life expectancy.”


On July 14, the World Health Organization released the assessment results of Aspartame’s health effects, classified Aspartame as a possible carcinogen, and reiterated that the safe intake is 40 per 1 kg of body weight per day. mg, it is safe to consume Aspartame up to the recommended daily allowance.


Francisco Branca, director of WHO’s Department of Nutrition and Food Safety, also said at a press conference on the 12th that, depending on body weight, an average adult needs to drink 9 to 14 cans of carbonated beverages containing Aspartame a day to survive. Exceeding the standard may face health risks.



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