September 25, 2023

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China CDC: 491 Confirmed Cases of Monkeypox Reported in July

China CDC: 491 Confirmed Cases of Monkeypox Reported in July


China CDC: 491 Confirmed Cases of Monkeypox Reported in July

News on August 9th, The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China’s CDC) released the monitoring data on monkeypox outbreak for July 2023.

According to the information, from July 1st to July 31st, there were 491 newly reported cases of confirmed monkeypox infections in mainland China. There were no severe cases or fatalities reported.




Based on the analysis of epidemiological investigations, the outbreak displayed several distinctive characteristics:

  • All cases were males, with 96.3% of the cases associated with male-male sexual contact.
  • Transmission through other contact modes had low risk. Close contacts other than same-sex sexual contacts did not result in infections.
  • 89.2% of the cases were identified through active medical consultations, 6.5% were found through tracing of close contacts, and the remaining cases were discovered through self-reporting and active screening.
  • The majority of cases exhibited typical clinical symptoms, primarily including fever, skin lesions, and swollen lymph nodes. No severe cases or fatalities were reported.



On the same day, an expert interpretation was published on China’s CDC website, explaining the significant increase in confirmed monkeypox cases reported in July (491 cases) compared to June (106 cases).

  • The monkeypox epidemic was observed to be concealed in the male-male sexual contact population, with 80% of cases being isolated incidents. The source of infection was often unclear, posing significant challenges to prevention and control measures.
  • With increased public awareness and education, there was a rise in proactive consultations among high-risk groups. In addition to contact tracing, cases were also identified through self-reporting and targeted screenings of high-risk groups.
  • The risk of imported cases from abroad remains as an ongoing concern.


The expert interpretation also outlined China’s current efforts in monitoring monkeypox virus mutations.

The monkeypox virus, being a DNA virus, exhibits relative genetic stability. China has initiated virus mutation monitoring.

In local outbreaks, particularly in the index or early confirmed cases, cases epidemiologically linked to early cases, locally confirmed cases with unknown sources, and confirmed imported cases, virus genetic sequencing is conducted on samples with nucleic acid test cycle threshold (Ct) values of 32 or lower.


Monitoring data indicates that all detected monkeypox virus genotypes in China belong to the IIb branch (West African branch), primarily prevalent in certain countries in Europe, North America, and Asia.







China CDC: 491 Confirmed Cases of Monkeypox Reported in July

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