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Korean Dog Breeding Association Demands Compensation of 2 Million Won per Dog

Korean Dog Breeding Association Demands Compensation of 2 Million Won per Dog

“South Korean Government: ‘Responsible for 520,000 Dogs for Consumption are the Farm Owners’… Korean Dog Breeding Association Demands Compensation of 2 Million Won (about US$1,520) per Dog”

In response to the passage of the “Dog Consumption Prohibition Act” in the main session of the South Korean National Assembly on the 9th of this month, the issue of handling the remaining hundreds of thousands of dogs for consumption nationwide has come to the forefront. While opinions differ on whether to euthanize or send the dogs to shelters, the South Korean government holds the view that “farm owners are responsible.”

According to an investigation by the South Korean government, as of February 2020, there were more than 1,600 restaurants nationwide serving dog meat, and there were over 1,150 farms breeding dogs for consumption. The farms reportedly house at least 520,000 dogs for consumption.

The South Korean Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs stated, “Euthanasia is not under consideration.” They emphasized the position that “farm owners must take responsibility for the dogs,” adding, “Realistically, it is not possible to keep all dogs alive.” The Dog Consumption Prohibition Act obliges farm owners considering closing or changing their business to submit a “Dog Consumption Cessation Implementation Plan,” proving that they no longer raise dogs for consumption. While the law allows a three-year grace period, within this time frame, farm owners must either ship, sell, or find new owners for all dogs. If farm owners abandon or forcibly euthanize dogs without following the regulations, they could face criminal penalties under the Animal Protection Act.

The “Korean Dog Breeding Association,” representing farm owners raising dogs for consumption, is demanding compensation of up to 2 million won (approximately 220,000 yen) per dog from the government. Calculating the annual income per dog at 400,000 won (approximately 44,000 yen), they are seeking compensation for five years. If the government accepts all the association’s claims, it would require a budget of approximately 1 trillion won (approximately 100 billion yen).

In response, the South Korean government countered, stating that the amount of 2 million won is overestimated. They argued, “In past cases of land acquisition, we compensated about two years’ worth of operating profit.” The government aims to resolve the dog consumption issue by establishing a new “Dog Consumption Cessation Committee,” involving farm owners and animal protection organizations in the discussion and coordination process.

Under the Dog Consumption Prohibition Act, processing dogs for consumption for the purpose of eating can lead to imprisonment for up to three years or a fine of up to 30 million won (approximately 3.3 million yen). Raising or distributing dogs for consumption may result in imprisonment for up to two years or a fine of up to 20 million won (approximately 2.2 million yen).

At the traditional Bodeum Market in Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province, known for its restaurants serving dog soup, there were few customers on the afternoon of the 10th. The 70-year-old owner of a health food store in the market said, “It’s basically telling us to die. I’m not interested in compensation. I’m at a loss about how to live in the future.” Another store owner selling dog soju and eel soup lamented, “I won’t deal with any products related to dogs, including dog soju, in the future. There are no customers, so I can only sell crucian carp soup.” A health supplement store in Namsan Market in Buk-gu, Daegu, covered the signs with tape, hiding the words “dog” and “health supplement soup.” A restaurant owner in his 70s said, “What can a 70-year-old learn in the next three years to do another job? If I can get compensation, I want to close my business tomorrow.”

Korean Dog Breeding Association Demands Compensation of 2 Million Won per Dog

Korean Dog Breeding Association Demands Compensation of 2 Million Won per Dog



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