February 24, 2024

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Study data supports the effectiveness of masks

Study data supports the effectiveness of masks


Study data supports the effectiveness of masks. In current COVID-19 epidemic, masks have become a symbol that can be seen everywhere. Yuan Guoyong, a microbiologist at the University of Hong Kong, researched and tested that masks can not only protect you from infection, but also help you reduce your symptoms.

Study data supports the effectiveness of masks


Monica Gandhi, an infectious disease doctor at the University of California, San Francisco, published a paper showing that wearing a mask will reduce the amount of virus that the wearer may be infected, making the infection symptoms milder or even asymptomatic. She believes that a greater amount of virus will lead to more severe inflammation.


Most scientists believe that they can make some normative opinions about wearing masks.


Gandhi said that this is not the only solution, but I think it is an extremely important pillar for controlling the epidemic. As Digard said: “Masks are useful, but not everything.

Therefore, you still have to keep your distance.”

US CDC data shows that more than 80% of COVID-19 patients wear masks all the time or often, while less than 5% never wear masks.


Under constant media propaganda, many people who wear masks think that everything will be fine if they wear masks, except that they sometimes become time bombs for some people.


Because I always unconsciously adjust the mask and touch my face frequently with my hands, but I forget the fundamental and most important thing to wash hands frequently.


After wearing or not wearing a mask became a catalyst for political conflict in the United States, the Democratic Party even accused Trump of not wearing a mask, deliberately neglecting to remind people to wash their hands frequently and frequently use disinfectant.


According to a poll conducted by the Pew Center, most Democrats support wearing masks. But many Republicans opposed it.


Timothy Akers, a professor of public health at Morgan State University in the United States, said that the struggle to wear masks makes people see a conflict between politics and science.


At the same time, the battle for masks also reflects a confrontation between those who defend public safety in the United States and those who believe in personal freedom.


Wearing or not wearing a mask also makes the relationship between Americans and people become intense and tense.


Mr Palmgren is the owner of a restaurant in Kansas. He requires all customers who come to eat in the store to wear masks.


However, a male customer in his 40s claimed that he was exempt from wearing a mask, and he revealed his guns intentionally or unintentionally.


Covid has been politicized by the U.S. Democrats and politicians from various countries, expanding their rights, restricting people’s freedom, creating fear, and disrupting society, making it impossible for people to gather and communicate face-to-face.

They can only obtain information from the Internet. All are controlled by them, creating a closed loop, and people are trapped in this net and cannot escape.


In Hong Kong’s 2003 SARS medical staff’s experience, frequent hand washing is more important than anything else.


Masks are to prevent transmission to others, not to prevent infection, and are almost useless.


When wearing a mask became a political tool, everyone had forgotten that the initial reminder was to wash your hands frequently.


The team of Benjamin Cowling, a professor at the School of Public Health of the University of Hong Kong, consolidated a number of studies on the relationship between masks and infectious diseases. At that time, they concluded that “some evidence supports that wearing masks can prevent transmission to others, but less data supports the use of masks. Can have a preventive function”.


Scholars from the University of Michigan in the United States conducted a similar study on university dormitories during the flu period and found that masks alone did not help reduce infections, but it is more important to pay attention to hand hygiene.


Paul Nuki, editor of the British “Global Health Security”, wrote in the British “Telegraph” that Western health departments used to determine whether masks are effective from a personal perspective, because if an ordinary person wears the wrong mask or often touches the mask with his hands , It will increase the risk of infection, but in fact this issue should be viewed from a social, not a personal level.


Moreover, a previous survey found that more than 40% of the COVID-19 cases were people who stayed at home and did not go out. People who commute to work every day are infected very rarely.


Study data supports the effectiveness of masks


In Canada, BC’s Chief Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry also issued a statement yesterday in response to the issue of mandatory wearing of masks. She pointed out that most industries and all medical facilities have implemented this measure.

She believes that the full mandatory wearing of masks will bring unnecessary challenges, as well as difficulties in implementation and monitoring. If tougher measures are adopted, such as voting to control offenders, it will burden the poor or street sleepers.


Henry added that most of the places where the epidemic is breaking out are social gathering groups and indoor fitness rooms, and most of the participants do not wear masks.

Therefore, even if mandatory legislation, it may not achieve the expected results. She believes that the anti-epidemic measures taken now include expecting the public to wear masks in shopping malls, shops and public transportation.

She reiterated that all businesses and offices must adopt adequate anti-epidemic measures, such as wearing masks, maintaining social distancing and purchasing sufficient handrub.


She emphasized that wearing masks cannot absolutely eliminate all risks of contracting the virus, but also hopes that people who can wear masks can wear masks like her, and consider themselves and others.


Dr. Henry remind everyone again that the COVID-19 epidemic is also out of control  although it is not yet known whether it will be blocked again, but the important things we must remember:

  • Everyone must wash hands frequently
  • Wear masks
  • Keep social distancing!


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