May 28, 2024

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COVID-19: Meat from Brazil and Uruguay Test Positive

COVID-19: Meat from Brazil and Uruguay Test Positive, imported by China

COVID-19: Meat from Brazil Beef and Uruguay Test Positive. According to the website of Wuhan Health and Health Commission, on December 5, the Wuhan Municipal Disease Control and Prevention Department carried out routine tests on imported food from the Hongshan District Changjing Cold Chain Storage Center in accordance with Wuhan’s requirements on “full coverage of imported cold chain food testing”. During the nucleic acid monitoring test, it was found that one sample of frozen pork tenderloin imported from Brazil and one sample of frozen boneless beef imported from Uruguay tested positive.

The urban headquarters quickly adopted emergency measures such as cargo storage, personnel inspection and isolation, and site elimination, sampling and nucleic acid testing of the environment and staff outside the cold storage, and simultaneously conducting epidemiological investigations.

After investigation, the overseas exporter of frozen pork tenderloin imported from Brazil is SEAA ALIMENTOS LTDA, the manufacturer’s registration code is SIF:15, and the production batch number is SI27032020. This batch of goods totaled 1,527 boxes (about 18kg/carton), 27.49 tons, and was shipped from Brazil. After entering Shanghai on June 28, it was temporarily stored at the Shanghai Yangshan Port yard, and was shipped from Shanghai to Wuhan on July 27. Entered the Changjing Cold Storage in Baishazhou, Hongshan District on July 29. Uruguay imports frozen boneless beef. The overseas exporter is BREEDERS AND PACKERS URUGUAY S.A. The manufacturer’s registration code is Uruguay 310 Factory N/M, and the production batch number is 20191205.

This batch of goods totaled 1,210 boxes (about 22kg/carton), 26.93 tons, departed from Uruguay and stopped in Malaysia, and was temporarily stored in Tianjin Tianqiao cold storage after entering Tianjin on March 2, and was transported to Baishazhouchang, Hongshan District on March 28 Jing cold storage. The destination of the above two shipments has been clarified, and related investigations are underway.

According to reports, as of 6 o’clock on December 6, the remaining batch of frozen products in the cold storage was sealed, and the environment was completely eliminated. 511 environmental samples outside the cold storage, 460 outer packaging samples, and the nucleic acid test results of 524 employees All are negative.

Wuhan City has taken measures to suspend sales and seal on-site for all involved stores in the city, and carry out full-coverage nucleic acid testing on the batch of products involved, the external environment, and employees.

The Wuhan Municipal Health and Health Commission reminded the general public to consciously abide by the epidemic prevention and control measures, not to buy imported cold chain food privately, wash hands frequently, ventilate more, disinfect frequently, wear masks scientifically, and maintain social distance.


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