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Why does cancer recur?

Why does cancer recur?

Why does cancer recur? Cancer will recur, this is a topic that has to be faced, and the pressure on patients, family members and even doctors will be greater after the cancer recurrence than the previous time. Many people will wonder why the cancer will recur? When first contacting the oncology profession, everyone also had the same doubts, why after the surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, endocrine therapy and other treatments, after one or two years or even six or seven years of patient safety, will anyone still relapse?

Why does cancer recur?


In layman’s terms, not all tumor cells will stay where the original tumor was and wait for the surgeon to cut it off. Some tumor cells will spread to other locations through blood vessels, lymphatic vessels or local infiltration. When cancer cells escape surgery, and then get away with chemotherapy, radiotherapy, endocrine therapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy and other treatments, they may “find the right chance” to grow again.

For example, after the initial treatment of breast cancer, a small number of people may have recurrence in the subcutaneous chest wall, axillary lymph nodes, internal mammary lymph nodes, supraclavicular lymph nodes, and distant metastases such as bone, liver, lung, and brain, as well as the contralateral side. The possibility of getting sick again.

Speaking of this, some friends may feel worried and fearful. This is normal. Don’t deliberately avoid the tumor in your heart. Learn more about relevant knowledge. If you have any questions, actively communicate with your doctor. As your knowledge accumulates, The deeper the understanding of the disease will be, and the worry and fear will gradually decrease. (There are already many articles in the public account, you can search what you want to know, and you can leave a message below the article if you can’t find it)

For friends who already have cancer, standard treatment is the most effective way to reduce recurrence and metastasis, and regular review is the most effective way to find recurrence and metastasis early. If you are temporarily unlucky for recurrence and metastasis, please treat it immediately. There are relatively more drugs for breast cancer treatment, and more and more new drugs will be applied to the clinic over time to benefit patients.

What is the mechanism of tumor recurrence?

This is a very complicated problem. There are currently three mainstream theories: cancer stem cells, Neosis and “Nirvana growth.” In this brief introduction. Cancer stem cells can be understood as “un-evolved” cancer cells with high division and differentiation potential. They can “sleep” in the body and escape various treatments, and then “wake up” at a suitable opportunity to divide, differentiate, Proliferation develops into a detectable tumor.

Neosis is not easy to understand. Simply put, it is a special division of cancer cells that can escape the attack of drugs and radiation and then develop into tumors. “Nirvana growth” does not mean that cancer cells will survive after death. It means that the substances decomposed after cancer cells die will promote the growth of remaining cancer cells. The mechanism of tumor recurrence is very complicated and has not been thoroughly studied, and it depends on further research by future researchers.


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