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Success rate of IVF is only 5% after 44 years old

Success rate of IVF is only 5% after 44 years old

Success rate of IVF is only 5% after 44 years old .  Marriage is an extravagant hope for young people, and childbearing is an uneasy topic in this particular era.

Young people do not want to have babies, and experts call for the opening of three children. Marriage is an extravagant hope for young people, and childbearing is an uneasy topic in this particular era. Social problems such as high pressure and lack of money have caused more people to be unwilling to have babies. Late marriage and late childbirth have become the norm. When they can afford to want children, they are already very old. The continuous development of reproductive medical technology may become what they want to catch. A life-saving straw.

But does old age affect the success of the test tube? Is it true that only women’s advanced age has an impact on the success of test tubes, and has nothing to do with men’s advanced age? How should the elderly test tube respond?


After 44 years of age, the test tube pregnancy rate drops to less than 5%, and the test tube road for elderly women is difficult

Regarding the test tube problem of women entering the advanced age, Dr. Liu Jiaen, the dean, said at the doctor-patient exchange meeting that the probability of successful test tube pregnancy for women after the age of 35 has dropped rapidly, and the probability of test tube pregnancy after the age of 44 has dropped to less than 5%.

After women have entered the so-called “advanced age” stage, a series of physiological changes have taken place in women. The reserve function of the ovaries declines rapidly, and the secretion of sex hormones has also begun to send out alarm signals, manifested as FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) Increased, AMH (Anti-Müllerian Hormone) decreased, and egg quality decreased relatively. As can be seen from the magnified egg image below, the 35-year-old woman’s egg morphology has changed, and the cytoplasm is rough and somewhat aggregated, and the overall state is OK. 44-year-old women have obvious problems with aging of eggs, and the fertilization rate and the probability of forming good embryos are very low.


Men’s advanced age that is not taken seriously will also affect the chances of successful IVF pregnancy


Regarding the influencing factors of male test tube, in addition to the influence of external environmental factors and unfavorable life factors, Dr. Bai Quan raised an age problem that everyone should not ignore. Research shows that men are older, the sperm fragmentation rate is higher, and of course, age is higher. The rate of sperm fragmentation will also increase. After the integrity of sperm DNA is damaged, although the number and vitality of sperm do not appear to be abnormal after a routine semen inspection, there are still some problems with sperm DNA. This is for sperm and eggs. The combined fertilization rate, embryo implantation, embryo development and abortion rate and pregnancy have varying degrees of influence.

Success rate of IVF is only 5% after 44 years old

Although the contribution rate of male sperm is smaller than that of female, abnormal sperm has a great influence on the outcome of successful IVF pregnancy.


The problem of old age is irreversible?


The key to success is details, every step of the test tube is very important. Regarding the problem of women with advanced age, regulating endocrine, improving the receptivity of the endometrium, improving the blood flow of the endometrium, and improving the quality of eggs, each test tube process is the key to improving the success rate of IVF in elderly women.


For men over 40 years old, it is necessary to check the sperm fragmentation rate

Regarding the fragmentation of sperm DNA fragmentation caused by the advanced age of men, it is very necessary for men over 40 to check the sperm fragmentation rate. If the sperm fragmentation rate is too high, sperm screening is needed to screen out the sperm containing DNA fragments. In addition, Jia En Deyun will arrange the patient to excrete once 1-2 days before the sperm retrieval to reduce the sperm fragmentation rate, which is consistent with the concept that the shorter the sperm retrieval interval, the lower the sperm fragmentation rate.


In addition to reproductive medicine to provide childbirth protection for the elderly, the elderly need to pay more attention to their living habits, quit smoking and alcohol, when they have good physical fitness, and cooperate with doctors to improve their chances of successful IVF pregnancy. . Of course, we still recommend that you give birth as soon as possible to face fewer fertility problems.


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