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Reflux pharyngitis does not mean chronic pharyngitis

Reflux pharyngitis does not mean chronic pharyngitis

Reflux pharyngitis does not mean chronic pharyngitis. Why do patients with acid reflux and heartburn experience repeated throat discomfort?


The patient started to have uncomfortable throat in May, the symptoms gradually became severe, and the speech was uncomfortable. There was pain when pressing the laryngeal knot. Many hospitals were diagnosed with pharyngitis. Various treatments did not improve. Finally, he was diagnosed with the Otolaryngology Department of Yuquan Hospital of Tsinghua University. Reflux pharyngitis.

Reflux pharyngitis does not mean chronic pharyngitis



ENT experts recommend

One month of medical treatment, seventy percent full for dinner, avoid greasy, coffee, cola, chocolate, and pillow high when sleeping, pay attention to rest. The patient recovered from the reexamination after one month.

Speaking of uncomfortable throat, many people think it is pharyngitis. The throat is uncomfortable, and you can’t cough and can’t swallow. This advertisement is familiar to everyone, and it is also from this to judge whether you have chronic pharyngitis.

Once these symptoms of uncomfortable throat appear, many people take some drugs to treat chronic pharyngitis on their own, and eventually find that the symptoms have not improved.

Reflux pharyngitis does also have obvious throat foreign body sensation, especially when sleeping at night, the symptoms are more obvious. In fact, reflux pharyngitis has nothing to do with chronic pharyngitis. If chronic pharyngitis is treated according to chronic pharyngitis, it can only be a waste of effort .

Reflux pharyngitis≠chronic pharyngitis

Reflux pharyngitis has nothing to do with chronic pharyngitis.

Reflux pharyngitis is caused by abnormalities in the stomach and reflux to the throat, causing irritation and damage to the throat, and a foreign body sensation in the throat.

Long-term gastric acid irritation leads to damage to the throat mucosa and causes a series of throat discomfort. Especially when lying down after a meal, stomach acid directly stimulates the end of the esophagus, causing nerve reflexes, which can cause throat discomfort or throat inflammation.


Reflux pharyngitis is common in people who are used to staying up late and those with irregular diets, such as eating late night snacks, drinking espresso coffee, smoking and drinking, etc. These bad habits damage the gastric mucosa and cause reflux pharyngitis.

The etiology of chronic pharyngitis is more complicated and can be caused by many factors, such as bacteria, occupational factors, environmental factors, and allergic diseases. For example, long-term stimulation by dust and harmful gases can be triggered. Teachers and singers can easily cause chronic pharyngitis, and some allergic factors can cause chronic pharyngitis.

Please note for patients with reflux pharyngitis:

1. Patients with reflux laryngopharyngitis need to be careful not to eat too much dinner, keep upright and exercise less after a meal.

2. Don’t eat for 2-3 hours before going to bed at night. You can put the head of the bed too high 5–8 cm when you sleep.

3. You can use some traditional Chinese medicines that can relieve reflux pharyngitis to drink tea daily to relieve the symptoms of reflux pharyngitis. At the same time, it suppresses excessive secretion of gastric juice and promotes gastrointestinal peristalsis.

4. It should also be noted that after 6 to 8 months of medication, a review is needed to see the recovery. After stopping the medication, if there is no persistent hoarseness or discomfort, it can be maintained by changing a bad lifestyle.

People with reflux laryngopharyngitis should also pay attention to stay away from irritating foods in their daily lives, drink less drinks, strong tea, strong coffee, etc., and remember to quit spicy foods such as chili, garlic, and chives. Don’t overeating with meals, it can inhibit gastric acid secretion and reduce reflux symptoms.

Why do patients with acid reflux and heartburn experience repeated throat discomfort?

A simple understanding is that the reflux of gastric acid burns the throat and causes repeated discomfort in the throat. Gastric acid is acidic (gastric acid is a strong acid like sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid). Gastric acid is corrosive to a certain extent. If reflux back to the throat will cause Some patients have a foreign body sensation in their throat, and they suffer from pharyngitis.

Therefore, if you have repeated throat discomfort, foreign body sensation in the throat, chronic cough, pharyngitis and other discomforts, you should consider whether it is acid reflux or heartburn caused by reflux pharyngitis, especially for patients who have no problems after the laryngoscope.


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