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The first signal from esophageal cancer is usually in the throat!

The first signal from esophageal cancer is usually in the throat!


The first signal from esophageal cancer is usually in the throat!

The doctor advises you to pay attention to 2 kinds of abnormalities.  Esophageal cancer is a malignant tumor that occurs in the esophagus, with a very high incidence. 


The first signal from esophageal cancer is usually in the throat!


And because the early symptoms of esophageal cancer are easily ignored by patients, the mortality rate of esophageal cancer is also very high. In daily life, if there are early symptoms of esophageal cancer, it must be treated quickly.


After suffering from esophageal cancer, the patient’s throat will show some abnormalities.


Once these symptoms appear, do not ignore them.


What are the abnormalities in the throat of patients with esophageal cancer?


1. Sore throat and foreign body sensation

After suffering from esophageal cancer, patients will experience pain in the throat at an early stage. Especially when the tumor occurs in the upper and neck parts, the pain symptoms will be more obvious.


This kind of pain will appear suddenly and disappear suddenly, with a certain degree of repetition and intermittentness, and will gradually strengthen with the development of the disease.


When there are symptoms of pain in the throat, the patient will also experience a very strong sensation of foreign body in the throat. This symptom is also a particularly obvious symptom after suffering from esophageal cancer.


This kind of foreign body sensation has nothing to do with dietary factors. Even if the patient does not eat any food, there will still be a phenomenon of foreign body sensation in the throat, and it has the characteristics of continuous and progressive aggravation.


After the appearance of this symptom, the patient will have a very obvious choking sensation when eating. When food passes through the esophagus, there will be a feeling of retention, and it will cause the patient’s throat and back of the breastbone to have a particularly obvious burning-like pain.




2. Dry and tight throat

When there are repeated symptoms of dryness and tightness in the throat, you must be alert. This phenomenon is also a symptom of esophageal cancer.


Even if the patient keeps drinking water, the phenomenon of dryness and tightness in the throat can be particularly serious.


Generally, when this phenomenon occurs, the patient will be accompanied by hoarseness, even if the patient takes some anti-inflammatory drugs, this symptom is difficult to improve.



In addition, when the throat is dry and tight, the patient’s throat and neck will have a sense of obstruction at the same time. Especially after the patient swallows food, this kind of obstruction in the neck and throat will be very obvious.


If the tumor grows faster or it progresses to the middle or late stage, even if the patient does not eat, the throat will still appear similar to choking when swallowing food.


This symptom cannot be relieved by taking medicine, drinking water or taking a rest.


If these symptoms are not treated early, once they enter the middle and late stages, the patient will have difficulty eating and drinking. The patient’s sternum, scapula, and under the xiphoid will experience severe pain.

And it will be accompanied by rapid weight loss, malnutrition, anemia and other symptoms, which seriously threaten the life of the patient.


In daily life, if there is repeated discomfort in the throat area, it is necessary to see a doctor quickly and treat it. And to quit smoking and drinking, not to eat any spicy, rough, hot food, and to pay attention to the adjustment of work and rest, mentality, can play a role in auxiliary treatment and help the recovery of the disease.





The first signal from esophageal cancer is usually in the throat!

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