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4 abnormalities in urination may indicate a kidney problem

4 abnormalities in urination may indicate a kidney problem

4 abnormalities in urination may indicate a kidney problemIf there are 4 abnormalities in urination after drinking water, don’t be careless, this may indicate a kidney problem!

Unhealthy people usually have the above 4 abnormal symptoms after drinking water. When they are found, they must go to the hospital for treatment.

4 abnormalities in urination may indicate a kidney problem

Drinking water is something that everyone does every day. If you drink enough water throughout the day, you can maintain the normal functioning of your body. Moreover, the physical performance after drinking water can also reflect the specific condition of the body, and even reflect whether a person lives long or short.

For example, the kidney in the human body is a very important filter organ. If there are some abnormalities in the body after drinking water, it usually means that there is a problem with the kidney. What abnormal symptoms appear after drinking water, which means that there is a kidney problem?

1. Abnormal urine color

Everyone knows that to maintain a good drinking habit at ordinary times, the color of the urine discharged is relatively normal. In the middle of the day, the urine will be slightly darker in the morning, and the urine usually appears transparent or light yellow at other times of the day.

If you find abnormal urine color after drinking, such as red or dark yellow, it may indicate that there is a certain problem in the kidneys, so abnormal urine will occur, so we must pay attention to it.

2. Oliguria or anuria

If you maintain a certain frequency of drinking water throughout the day, the number of bowel movements is also relatively fixed. However, after drinking a lot of water in life, the frequency of urination has not increased, but decreased, and there may even be no urination. Then it is suspected that there is a problem with the kidneys.

Because when the kidney fails or other diseases, the filtering capacity of the glomerulus will be reduced, so some toxins and garbage in the body cannot be excreted normally, and oliguria or anuria will occur. Water and sodium retention may even occur, leading to swelling of the body.

3. Dry mouth and polyuria

If you have a strong willingness to drink water, it is usually very thirsty, but if you usually drink a lot of water every day, you will still experience this kind of dryness and thirst, and the amount of urine is also very large. These symptoms Usually caused by kidney deficiency.

Because after the occurrence of kidney deficiency, the kidneys usually show insufficient energy and function, so the human body will experience dry mouth, thirst and even polyuria. Some patients may even suffer from lack of energy and backache. Symptoms of backache and excessive sweating.

4. There is foam in the urine

Under normal circumstances, the urine excreted by the body will not form foam after drinking water, but if a large amount of white foam appears in the urine, and it does not dissipate after a few hours, it usually means that the kidneys are diseased, causing the protein in the body to become As the urine is excreted, proteinuria is formed, which is foamy urine that can be seen with the naked eye.

Since kidney problems will affect the various organs of the human body, care must be taken in normal times. So how should the kidneys be taken care of?

1), quit smoking and alcohol

Because tobacco and alcohol cause great harm to people, and long-term heavy smoking and drinking will cause certain damage to the kidneys, and increase the risk of kidney disease. In severe cases, it can cause kidney failure or uremia.

Therefore, in normal times, everyone must develop good living habits, quit smoking and drinking, and drink water frequently, and eat more fresh green leafy vegetables and fruits appropriately.

2), check the body regularly

In daily life, it is necessary to develop the habit of regular physical examinations and do a good job in the care of the kidneys, so as to reduce the damage caused by some harmful substances to the kidneys. Kidney function tests and urine tests can be done during the physical examination. When abnormalities are found, early treatment is required to prevent procrastination, because many kidney diseases are procrastinated.

3), promote a healthy sex life

A harmonious sex life has certain benefits to the body. If the sex life is too frequent, kidney deficiency will occur, which will affect the health of the kidneys, and even increase the burden on the kidneys, and may lead to sexual dysfunction, so In normal times, it is necessary to develop a habit of controlled sex life and avoid some unclean sexual behaviors, which can prevent greater damage to the kidney.

In summary, unhealthy people usually have the above 4 abnormal symptoms after drinking water. When they are found, they must go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment. In addition, they must pay attention to the maintenance of the kidneys in life, regular physical examinations, and Quit smoking and drinking, maintain a healthy diet, and exercise more appropriately. At the same time, you can also massage the Yongquan acupoint on the soles of your feet more, which also has certain benefits for caring for kidney health.

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