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Two symptoms may be related to cervical cancer after HPV infected

Two symptoms may be related to cervical cancer after HPV infected


Two symptoms may be related to cervical cancer after HPV infected.   Two symptoms appear on the lower body after being infected with HPV, cervical cancer is here!

One patient said that in the past two months, she could not control her urination and came out accidentally! At the beginning, she thought it was a urinary tract infection, so she went to the urology department for examination, but nothing was found. Later, her belly started to hurt and she went to the town hospital and found cervical cancer… In order not to miss the best treatment period, she did Come to our courtyard…


I would like to take this matter to remind the majority of female friends that you must pay attention to the various symptoms of your body during your daily life. If you have any problems, come to the hospital for examination in time.

Before the occurrence of cervical cancer, in addition to pain, there are these 2 symptoms in the lower body, pay attention!


Abnormal vaginal discharge

Leucorrhea is a barometer of a girl’s body, which can clearly reflect the health of the body. When the leucorrhea is abnormal, it means that there may be a problem with the body. If cervical cancer occurs, there will be obvious changes in the shape, smell, and color of the leucorrhea, but sometimes some inflammation will also appear similar. Don’t just rely on abnormal leucorrhea to scare yourself. If you find that you have a problem with your leucorrhea, you must seek medical attention in time and don’t take it seriously.

Two symptoms may be related to cervical cancer after HPV infected


Uncontrollable urination

The urination and defecation system is controlled by the brain’s nerve center. During infancy, the baby’s brain central nervous system is not well developed, and bedwetting will occur. But after growing up, the brain’s central nervous system is fully developed and excretion can be controlled. If a healthy adult often cannot control his urination, then you have to consider whether there is a problem with the urinary system, or if there is a tumor that has pressed the bladder

Especially after women have reached menopause, if frequent urination often occurs, then we must pay attention to it. It is not a problem with the urinary system, it may be a problem in the uterus. Our uterus is very close to the bladder. To the nearby bladder, which will cause abnormal urination problems

There is currently no special effect in the elimination of HPV virus. The only thing we can rely on is our own immunity. Therefore, in addition to running exercise and regular work and rest, the most important thing is to activate our immune cells, such as phagocytes, T lymphocytes, White blood cells, NK cell activity to remove viruses

Daily supplementation of plant active selenium can scavenge free radicals, inhibit cell oxidation, quickly improve human immunity, remove HPV virus, and quickly realize HPV negative, thereby preventing cervical cancer.




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