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What is the cause of swelling after maxillofacial surgery?

What is the cause of swelling after maxillofacial surgery?


What is the cause of swelling after maxillofacial surgery?   Basically, after plastic surgery, there will be a period of swelling. It is possible that some beauty seekers will suffer from psychological burden and pressure due to the unsightly swelling, and they dare not go out to see people. In fact, after the operation, the skin tissue cells are damaged, and the blood circulation in the muscles and surrounding tissues is not smooth enough, and there will definitely be some swelling.

The degree of swelling is different. First of all, swelling is related to the operation of the operation. If the operation is different, there will be different degrees of swelling. The second is local hematoma. If the blood accumulated in the incision cannot be discharged completely, it will cause swelling. In addition, it also depends on the physique of the person seeking beauty. It is difficult to recover from weak swelling.

What is the cause of swelling after maxillofacial surgery?

An effective way to reduce swelling can be a combination of cold and hot compresses on the surgical site. Cold compresses are generally used within 3 days after surgery, and ice packs or cold towels are often used to reduce swelling. Because 1-2 days after the operation, it is the time when the capillaries under the skin of the wound are “active”, and they are applied across the wound gauze to constrict the capillaries, reduce local congestion, and even relieve pain. The time is about 15-20 minutes each time, repeating every 1-2 hours. Pay attention to keeping the surgical wound dry and hygienic.

The hot compress requires one week after the operation, and those seeking beauty can use a hot towel to reduce swelling. Because bruises basically begin to appear after 3 days, hot compresses can speed up blood circulation and promote nutrient supply to the surgical site. Apply it for about half an hour each time, change it every 4-5 minutes, 3-4 times a day. Also need to pay attention to the hygiene of the wound.

In addition, those seeking beauty can also cooperate with appropriate activities and a light diet. If necessary, you can also use some drugs with the doctor’s permission, which can effectively eliminate the problem of facial swelling without worrying too much.

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