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What kind of diet can reverse fatty liver?

What kind of diet can reverse fatty liver?

What kind of diet can reverse fatty liver?  The liver has become a “star organ” in our body due to its powerful metabolism and detoxification effects. Moreover, it is also a very “strong” organ. Even if 70% of its area is destroyed, it can be replaced by powerful repair capabilities. Compensatory restoration of normal liver function.

But even the toughest “life” is fragile and sensitive, and the liver has a temper and a bottom line. When long-term alcoholism or frequent consumption of high-sugar, high-fat, and high-calorie foods, the liver is also working hard, but once it exceeds its ability to metabolize these substances, the excess fat will run into the liver cells and live you The house, hitting your baby, also affects the normal work of your liver cells. Ever since, you got fatty liver…

Fatty liver is a disease that is neither light nor serious. If you value it in your mind and change your behavior, it is completely reversible in the early stages. However, if you blindly indulge yourself and leave your liver in a harsh environment, it may gradually strike out and eventually evolve into cirrhosis or even liver cancer.

Simple mild to moderate fatty liver generally does not need to be treated with drugs, and can be restored with a healthy lifestyle. However, if the patient has metabolic syndrome or abnormal liver function (such as a doubled increase in transaminase), it is necessary to assist with some antihypertensive, lipid-lowering or liver-protecting drugs, but the premise is to change the lifestyle. Taking medicine and sticking to the old lifestyle as usual may not be satisfactory. In daily life, we only need to provide a “comfortable” environment for the liver to nourish and protect the liver, and we don’t need to take expensive health products and magical drugs.


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What kind of diet can reverse fatty liver?


1. Prohibition

No matter what kind of fatty liver, alcohol should be prohibited, especially alcoholic fatty liver. Studies have shown that for alcoholic fatty liver patients, 4-6 weeks after alcohol prohibition can reduce the fat deposits in the liver to normal.

2. Lose weight

To a certain extent, fatty liver is a kind of “richness disease”, often with big belly, thick waist, love to eat big fish and meat, love to order takeaway, love to eat all kinds of candied fruit snacks, or hold milk tea with one hand after eating. Happy fat people who lie on the sofa are more likely to suffer from fatty liver. Losing weight is a long-term project that requires determination and perseverance, but do not blindly diet, otherwise it will easily lead to insufficient intake of protein and trace elements and harm your health, as well as desperate hunger and failure to lose weight.

3. Supplement high-quality protein

Protein should be sufficient and high-quality. Protein is like a porter, it can help you clear the fat accumulated in the liver in the form of lipoprotein and promote the repair and regeneration of liver cells.

High quality protein
Including fish, shrimp, lean meat, eggs, milk, beans and their products.
In addition, you should pay attention to the supplement of a variety of vitamins, especially B vitamins, vitamin C, folic acid, etc. Those who do not eat enough can choose some nutritional supplements.

4. The staple food is “rough”

If you don’t have chronic gastrointestinal diseases or liver cirrhosis, you may wish to eat more whole grains daily, such as buckwheat, oats, corn, red beans, mung beans, chickpeas, sweet potatoes, purple potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc. The overall feeling of fullness will be stronger. It has less impact on blood sugar and contains more minerals and vitamins.

5. Moderate amount of fat

Note that fat is to be eaten. Because some essential fatty acids needed by the human body must be obtained from food, and some essential fatty acids are involved in the synthesis of phospholipids, it is beneficial to the smooth transportation of fat from the liver and the reversal of fatty liver.
Oils are mainly vegetable oils to reduce the intake of cholesterol-rich foods, such as animal organs.

6. Choose more dietary fiber

It can help lower blood fat, lower blood sugar, control weight, improve satiety, help repair liver function, and eat more vegetables, fruits, bacteria and algae.

7. Quit snacks

Milk tea, pastries, cane sugar, candies, candied fruit, egg yolk pie, durian pastry, butter cake… you can imagine these “sweet” processed snacks are often sugar-coated cannonballs, which have a great impact on blood sugar and blood lipids. It is recommended to quit Drop.

8. Choose lipophilic foods

Kelp, millet, sesame, rape, etc. contain effective substances that promote the synthesis of phospholipids. Oolong tea, Longjing tea, shiitake mushrooms, malan, hawthorn, fungus, etc. also have a certain lipid-regulating effect.

9. Cooking method

Eat less spicy and irritating foods, such as chili, curry, pepper, etc.; try to avoid eating out or order takeaways frequently; be careful when ordering in restaurants. For example, choosing steamed sea bass is better than smoked fish, and cold eggplant is better than braised in oil. Eggplant is better, konjac flour is better than potato flour, etc.; try to lighten the taste and avoid excessive intake of staple foods…


10. Exercise

Don’t go to sleep when you’re full. Keep a moderate amount of aerobic exercise every day, 5 times a week, the cumulative exercise time is ≥150min, aerobic exercise 20min, 3 times a week, and do 8-10 groups of resistance training at the same time. Twice a week, you can gain muscle and reduce fat more effectively.

for example:

  • Reference recipe: Take the ideal weight 60kg, moderate fatty liver, and light physical activity as an example.
  • Breakfast: 200g corn, 200g soy milk (about one cup of disposable paper cup), boiled eggs (60g eggs, about a medium size), cold cucumber (cucumber 100g, can be increased appropriately)
  • Extra meal: 200g apple (one medium in size)
  • Lunch: Multigrain rice (30g black rice, 50g japonica rice), Longjing shrimp (50g shrimp), mushrooms and green vegetables (15g mushrooms, 100g green vegetables), loofah soup (50g loofah)
  • Dinner: Multigrain rice (30g black rice, 50g japonica rice), steamed bream (100g bream), shredded celery (150g celery, 50g lean pork)
  • The total daily energy is 1605.38kcal, protein is 76.1g (18.96%), fat is 45.36g (25.43g), carbohydrate is 223.19g (55.61%).

Remarks: All-day cooking vegetable oil is about 20g and salt is about 5g. Please use an electronic scale to weigh the specific grams.

In short, what you are eat! What kind of eating habits and lifestyle will lead to what kind of physical conditions, so regular diet, moderate exercise, maintaining a reasonable weight, regular work and rest, your liver will become more vigorous and energetic, you can get rid of The curse of fatty liver.




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