May 26, 2024

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UK will launch a surveillance program of COVID-19 antibody

UK will launch a surveillance program of COVID-19 antibody



UK will launch a surveillance program of COVID-19 antibody. 

In the near future, the British government is effectively supervising entry testing.  At the same time, the inter-group new coronavirus antibody monitoring plan is also being planned and implemented. While facing incremental demand, testing reagent manufacturers should regulate their marketing behaviors in the post-epidemic era.


Last Sunday, the British government announced the launch of a plan to track SARS-CoV-2 antibody levels in areas including England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to help evaluate the effectiveness of the vaccine against the virus.


The UK also announced plans this week to deal with the misleading pricing behavior of inbound nucleic acid test kits for the COVID-19 virus, warning test reagent manufacturers that their test qualifications may be removed from the government’s official website.


This antibody monitoring program is for British citizens who are over 18 years old. They can apply through the British government website, and then they can obtain a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test kit, or nucleic acid test kit, to complete the test at home. Those who have a positive nucleic acid test result will take finger blood at home, complete two new coronavirus antibody tests, and report the test results to the British Health and Safety Agency. The first antibody test should be completed as soon as possible after receiving the test kit, and the second test should be done every 28 days.


The antibody test will enable the UK Health and Safety Agency to effectively estimate the proportion of people infected with COVID-19, whether it is vaccinated or previously infected with antibodies from the new coronavirus. They can also provide insight into who in the group does not produce an immune response.


According to the agency, the project will have up to 8,000 people participating in the new coronavirus antibody test and will be launched this weekend.


In addition, the British Ministry of Health and Social Care said on Monday that it will implement a two warning plan for SARS-CoV-2 inbound nucleic acid test kit manufacturers because these manufacturers did not provide accurate information about the price of their test kits.


The agency said that in the review of the COVID-19 nucleic acid test on the 2nd and 8th days of the entrants on the website, it was found that there were 82 companies whose prices on the website were lower than those of the test reagent manufacturer’s own website. Price, the ratio accounts for 18% of the testing reagent company on the website.


Therefore, the government will conduct regular spot checks to ensure that companies comply with the price mechanism. At the same time, companies that continue to list misleading prices will be removed from the website.


The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of the United Kingdom pointed out that they are planning to remove 57 companies from the list on the website. They will no longer have the qualifications for testing in the UK or will no longer be able to provide vacationers with the COVID-19 on the 2nd and 8th days. Nucleic acid testing service.


British Minister of Health and Social Welfare Sajid Javid said in a statement that any private testing company’s use of vacationers (asymmetric information) is absolutely unacceptable, and today’s action is a blow to this behavior.


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