April 16, 2024

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Big discovery: Infected by COVID-19 + 2 dose vaccines = Super Immunity

BBig discovery: Infected by COVID-19 + 2 dose vaccines = Super Immunity

Big discovery: Infected by COVID-19 + 2 dose vaccines = Super Immunity.

Big discovery: once infected with COVID-19 + two shots of vaccine = superhuman immunity, or fight against all mutations

According to the National Public Radio (NPR) report, the latest research shows that after some people are infected with COVID-19 and vaccinated with two doses of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, the immune system in the body can produce a large number of antibodies. These antibodies can resist different variant virus strains. Responding can not only repel the various strains that are currently raging in the world, but it is more likely to have the same effect on new strains that will appear in the future!

In short, having been infected with COVID-19 in 2020 + having received two doses of mRNA vaccine in 2021 = superhuman immunity . Superhuman immunity can not only defeat the various mutant strains at present, but also defeat the strains that may appear in the future, which is invincible.

Big discovery: Infected by COVID-19 + 2 dose vaccines = Super Immunity

The research mainly studied plasma samples of 14 people.

Paul Bieniasz, a virologist at the Rockefeller University, the world’s top biomedical education and research center, said: “We can reasonably speculate that these people can fight most of the new coronavirus mutant strains, and even all the mutant strains.”

According to their research, the antibodies in several research subjects can strongly neutralize the six novel coronavirus variants they tested, including the Delta variant first released in India and the Beta variant first released in South Africa, and even neutralized. Several other viruses related to SARS-CoV-2 include a virus carried by bats, two viruses carried by pangolins, and SARS-CoV-1, which caused SARS 20 years ago.

Theodora Hatziioannou, another virologist who participated in this study, said that this is a very laborious and difficult study. Currently, only one group of people is studied. It is not clear whether every person who has been infected with COVID-19 has been inoculated with mRNA. People with vaccines all have significant immunity, but she herself believes this should be a very common phenomenon .

Prior to this, in June this year, a study published in the journal Nature showed that both Pfizer and Moderna’s mRNA COVID-19 vaccines can provide a “strong and long-lasting” immune response that can last for several years or even lifelong protection.

The study recruited a total of 41 people who had received two doses of Pfizer vaccine, of which 8 had been infected with COVID-19 before. The researchers made a report by examining the B cell responses in the peripheral blood of these people.

These participants also produced high levels of neutralizing antibodies to the Alpha variant that was first discovered in the UK and the Beta variant that was first discovered in South Africa.

The immunologist who participated in the study, Ali Ellebedy, said that although only people who had been vaccinated by Pfizer were studied, this finding also applies to Moderna because both vaccines use the same technology.

Big discovery: Infected by COVID-19 + 2 dose vaccines = Super Immunity

At that time, there was news that due to the long-lasting immunity, it might not even be necessary to vaccinate the third shot.

However, the United States has planned to open the third dose of COVID-19 vaccination from September 20. Currently, this plan is only for Pfizer vaccine vaccinators.

This plan was jointly decided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Big discovery: Infected by COVID-19 + 2 dose vaccines = Super Immunity

In fact, Israel has started to inject the third dose of Pfizer vaccine on August 1, and announced the results of the third dose of vaccination at the end of August.

The study analyzed the protection results of 149,144 people over the age of 60 who received the third dose of the vaccine at least a week ago, compared with 675,360 people who received two doses of the vaccine between January and February.

It is reported that the third dose of Pfizer vaccine has significantly improved the protection of Israelis 60 years and older from infection and severe illness, with the ability to prevent infection by 86% .

However, Salman Zarka, Israel’s national epidemic prevention consultant, stated on September 4 that because of the raging epidemic, ” we need to prepare for the fourth dose .”

If superhuman immunity prevails, that is really great news. I hope the epidemic will end soon.

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