March 1, 2024

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Mixed vaccination: AstraZeneca + Moderna More Effective in Taiwan?

Mixed COVID-19 vaccination: AstraZeneca + Moderna More effective in Taiwan?


Mixed covid-19 vaccination: AstraZeneca + Moderna More effective in Taiwan?  2 doses of Moderna ranked second in the doctor’s list to reveal “the most powerful combination of vaccine protection”.


Dr. Shen Zhengnan, a physician at Caotun Sanatorium of Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare, analyzed the most protective vaccine combinations. The first is AZ plus Moderna, followed by Moderna + Moderna, then AZ+BNT, then BNT+BNT, and The last one is AZ+AZ.


Dr. Shen said on Facebook on the 16th that he was playing AZ+Moderna, but he didn’t recommended mix-vaccination at that time. As people had no choice due to the vaccine shortage in Taiwan, many people had to select mix-vaccination. AZ vaccine was only one available in earlier time. but now that there is a better choice, the first choice is still two doses of Moderna. Two doses of BNT are also good, but two doses of Moderna are stronger because the mRNA concentration is 10 times.”

Dr. Shen  said that someone is asking, will it be uncomfortable to take the second dose of Moderna? Do you want to fight? Please, since you have the first dose, why not have the second dose? At most, the arm cannot be lifted for a few days. How can there be any great side effects? As for myocarditis, elderly people rarely do.


Dr. Shen pointed out that the strongest protection is AZ+Moderna, followed by Moderna+Moderna, then AZ+BNT, then BNT+BNT, and the last one is AZ+AZ.


Dr Shen mentioned that, after all, there is not enough research to support mixed fighting, and the evidence is not as effective as two doses of the same kind. Therefore, if you can get two doses of Moderna or BNT, it is a safe choice; some people say that you have to wait for the third. Remedy, let’s do gang fights again!

The elderly have the opportunity, and so can the medical staff, but the general public has to wait.


Dr Shen said that Taiwan had achieved 60% coverage of one dose of vaccine in the past two days, while the command center said that it would strive for 60% of the two doses at the end of the year. “


According to the analysis, since the coverage rate of one dose of people over the age of 75 has so far only been 70%1, which is far lower than that of foreign countries, and the coverage rate of two doses is only 50% so far, will the willingness of other groups to use treatment be much higher?


Dr. Shen said that if Taiwan can only reach 60% coverage with 2 doses by then, then “coexisting with the virus” is definitely not feasible! Because the coverage rate is too low! There will still be many new cases, and it is absolutely impossible to allow the virus to float and sink there. This is the general trend of Taiwan’s epidemic prevention.




Mixed vaccination: AstraZeneca + Moderna More effective in Taiwan?

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