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Real population data: E-cigarettes are related to male sexual dysfunction

Real population data: E-cigarettes are related to male sexual dysfunction


Real population data: E-cigarettes are related to male sexual dysfunction. 

E-cigarettes are devices that deliver nicotine, flavorings and other chemicals in the form of steam instead of smoke, and are regarded by many as a safer alternative than ordinary cigarettes.


For a long time, research has confirmed that smoking is associated with erectile dysfunction (ED, commonly known as impotence) and cardiovascular disease (CVD) .

There are also more and more studies confirming that e-cigarettes are not safe, can cause many harmful changes, and have an impact on long-term health.

However, whether e-cigarettes are also related to male sexual dysfunction, there is still a lack of relevant research.


Recently, researchers from the New York University Grossman School of Medicine and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine the title: Association of E-Cigarettes With Erectile Dysfunction: The Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health Study ‘s research papers.


The study showed that men between the ages of 20 and 65 and no previous history of cardiovascular disease, but men who use e-cigarettes every day are 2.4 times more likely to report erectile dysfunction (ED) than men who have never used e-cigarettes .


Real population data: E-cigarettes are related to male sexual dysfunction


In the impression of many people, e-cigarettes seem to be less harmful or even harmless.

Therefore, e-cigarettes are used by many people as a tool to reduce the harm of smoking or to help quit smoking.

This has led to e-cigarettes becoming more and more popular among young people.

The research team decided to comprehensively investigate the relationship between e-cigarettes and male ED, and its potential impact on male sexual health.


The research team used data from the Tobacco and Healthy Population Assessment (PATH) study, a national study involving 45971 American adults 18 years and older to study various tobacco use behaviors and health outcomes.


The study selected 13,711 men aged 20 and above, and then surveyed their use of e-cigarettes and real tobacco, and asked them to answer questions about ED.

The research team examined the association between e-cigarette use and ED in a complete sample and 11,207 restricted samples aged 20 to 65 years old with no previous cardiovascular disease, and adjusted multiple risk factors at the same time.

Participants were divided into never using e-cigarettes, using e-cigarettes before, and currently using e-cigarettes. Almost half of the participants had smoked before, 21% were still smoking, and 14% used other tobacco products.


Compared with people who have never used e-cigarettes, people who use e-cigarettes daily are more than twice as likely to suffer from ED (2.2 times in the full sample and 2.4 times in the restricted sample) .

Among 20 to 65-year-olds with a normal body mass index and no cardiovascular disease , there is a significant association between e-cigarette use and ED , which indicates that there is an association between ED and e-cigarette use in relatively healthy people.


The analysis of this study also considered the smoking history of the participants. Regardless of a person’s smoking history, daily use of e-cigarettes may be associated with a higher probability of ED.


Real population data: E-cigarettes are related to male sexual dysfunction


In addition, the study also found that physical activity is associated with a lower probability of ED .


The research team also said that these research data have certain limitations, because the questions about ED are based on the self-reports of participants, and some of them may misrepresent their ED problems.


The research team said that the next stage will further study the relationship between different types of e-cigarettes and ED, and whether stopping the use of e-cigarettes can reverse the situation of ED.

In addition, the current study is only for men, and the relationship between e-cigarette use and female sexual dysfunction will be studied in the future.



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Real population data: E-cigarettes are related to male sexual dysfunction

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