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Which five cancers are easily passed on from parents to children?

Which five cancers are easily passed on from parents to children?


Which five cancers are easily passed on from parents to children? A cruel truth: 5 kinds of cancer in the father’s generation and  children may copy. 

“My family is cursed!”

In 1895, a young seamstress in the United States dragged a doctor and wept tearfully that her family was cursed, and generations died of cancer.

Since her great-grandfather, cancer has come to this unfortunate family one after another. The great-grandfather died of cancer, and the great-grandfather had a total of 9 children under his knees, 6 of whom were killed by cancer. The young seamstress was terrified that she would also get cancer.


Which five cancers are easily passed on from parents to children?


But fate was on the cards again, and the seamstress eventually died of metastatic endometrial cancer at a young age. Out of sympathy for the seamstress, this “magic” also attracted the attention of the doctor, who collected all the cancer records in the family (48 people with cancer, 17 people died of cancer or had surgery for cancer), Then a paper was published.

The paper caused an uproar in the medical community at the time, and the unfortunate family was also named “G Family” , and the doctor was Dr. Warthin , who was later known as the “Father of Cancer Genetics ” . Now more than 100 years have passed, and the curse of the G family still seems to have not been broken. In 2000, the total population of the G family reached 929, 115 people were diagnosed with cancer, and the average life expectancy was only 45 years old.



From the story of the G family, it is not difficult to see that cancer and heredity are closely related. At present, many people think that cancer is brought about by genes, and there is no way to hide it. There are many connections between cancer and genes.



New research: Only 5% of cancers are genetic, environmental and metabolic factors are more important

In the past few centuries, all the causes of cancer can be summarized into three categories in theory: The first group of genetic diseases , mainly caused by genes. The second category of environmental diseases , which are exposures, are mainly related to things that the body comes into contact with. The third category of metabolic diseases , belonging to the metabolome, is the chemical products produced in the process of metabolism.


A recent study in “Metabolites” published by Canadian researchers shows that hereditary cancers account for 5%-10% of all cancers, and 90%-95% of cancers are caused by exposure to things around them. come over and lead to gene mutation. Cancer can be inherited, but it’s impossible to achieve by mutation alone, said David Wishart, a professor of biological sciences and computer science at the University of Alberta . Cancer cells spread and develop in the body, they can create a suitable environment for their own development in the body, and introduce certain metabolites, and then become self-growth.


If parents and elders have cancer and carry cancer genes, their children may not necessarily get cancer. Wang Ning, deputy director of the Beijing Cancer Prevention and Research Office, said that cancer is a chronic, non-communicable disease. Most cancers are not caused by genetics, but are related to smoking, drinking, infectious diseases, and radiation.


In general, we should pay more attention to the external risk factors of cancer than the problem of cancer heredity. For example, in some families, it is easy to have a common cancer environment.



The easily overlooked cause of cancer in families – the environment


1. Common bad eating habits

For example, some people in the family like to eat foods such as bacon and pickled vegetables, which will lead to the formation of family eating habits and structures. Long-term consumption of these foods will cause cancer of the digestive tract. In addition, if you often eat moldy or spoiled food, it will also lead to an increased risk of liver cancer and stomach cancer.


2. Household air pollution

The whole family lives in a relatively small environment. If there are certain carcinogenic substances in the room, such as oil fume, or someone smoking, coupled with poor ventilation conditions, the family breathes polluted air for a long time, which becomes a problem. The common cause of cancer in the family.





Which five cancers are easily passed on from parents to children?

Focus on: family members have these cancers, please be careful

According to the World Cancer Report 2020, about one-sixth of all global deaths each year are due to cancer. Although the pathogenesis of cancer is not fully understood, there are many cancers that have been shown to be genetically related, so you should be careful if someone in your family has the following five cancers.


1. Ovarian cancer

About 20%-25% of ovarian cancers are genetically related. If there is a family history of breast, colorectal and ovarian cancer , women in the family have a higher chance of developing ovarian cancer than the general population.


2. Colorectal cancer

If a parent develops colorectal cancer because of a familial colon polyp , their children are 50% more likely to develop colorectal cancer.


3. Gastric cancer

Gastric cancer has obvious familial aggregation, and the history of gastric cancer in immediate family is a risk factor for gastric cancer. People with a family history of stomach cancer are 2-3 times more likely to develop stomach cancer than the general population.


4. Liver cancer

Liver cancer is familial, and before the child is born, it is possible to suffer from hepatitis B due to mother-to -child transmission . If parents are found to have liver cancer, then the children must pay attention.


5. Breast cancer

About 5%-10% of breast cancers are genetically related. If a mother or sibling in the family has breast cancer, the daughter or sister is about three times more likely to develop breast cancer.




Please keep the anti-cancer prescription


Cancer is not impossible to prevent! Academician Sun Yan of the Chinese Academy of Engineering is a well-known tumor prevention and treatment expert in China. He has been studying tumors for more than half a century and has been studying tumors for more than 60 years. Now he is 93 years old. He has shared the general “anti-cancer prescription” many times. Share with everyone.


1. Control your diet

High-calorie, high-fat and high-sugar foods have always been loved by everyone. As everyone knows, these foods also suit the appetite of “tumor gentlemen”. Obesity has now developed into a social problem. Obesity puts your internal organs under far more pressure than the original. Once the organs cannot bear it, the body will resist and induce diseases, including cancer. Therefore, you must keep your mouth shut, eat 70% full , and develop good eating habits.


2. Do not smoke

Smoking is the primary risk factor for the occurrence of lung cancer. The more smokers, the more innocent “second-hand smoke” lung cancer patients. The harm of smoking is no less than that of traffic accidents. We should control smoking like drinking and driving .


3. Don’t stay up late

One of the tricks to prevent the occurrence of tumors is to ensure regular and sufficient sleep. Adults need about 7-8 hours of sleep a day. Sleep is not enough, and sleep is seriously lacking. The immune system is the most affected, followed by the digestive system. and mental activities, and finally cardiovascular, endocrine, liver and kidney functions.


4. Be less angry

Long-term negative emotions will cause the body to produce a stress response. Too strong a stress response will reduce the body’s immunity and allow cancer cells to take advantage. Because the pace of life is accelerating now, everyone is burdened with different pressures. It is recommended not to get angry, not to go to the horns, be a “heartless” person , and only with a happy spirit can you have a healthy body.


5. Regular physical examination

If it is a high-risk group of tumors, regular physical examinations must be performed. If there is a problem, it is also in the early stage, and active treatment can be effectively controlled. Physical examination can give us a clear understanding of our physical condition, as well as detect early cancer and precancerous lesions . Precancerous lesions are not cancers, but they are prone to cancerous changes on this basis. As long as precancerous lesions and early cancer are controlled, the incidence and mortality of cancer can be greatly reduced.




Although cancer is said to be related to heredity, this association is not 100%! Regardless of whether you have a family history of cancer, adopting a healthy lifestyle in your daily life and sticking to a physical examination can help reduce your risk of cancer.








Which five cancers are easily passed on from parents to children?

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