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The cause of the Long-COVID has been found?

The cause of the Long-COVID has been found?


The cause of the Long-COVID has been found? Scientists: The virus stays in the body for a long time and causes related sequelae

The COVID-19 epidemic has been going on for three years, and there is still no hope of a quick end.

After the COVID-19 virus swept through, leaving millions of “Long-COVID” patients, many countries in Europe and the United States issued warnings that the Long-COVID is becoming a Another potential public health crisis.

Long-COVID also known as “post-COVID-19 syndrome”, according to the World Health Organization, is a very complex pathophysiological disease because it has more than 200 symptoms, some of which are common symptoms of fatigue, Cognitive impairment, pain, loss of smell and taste, fever and palpitations.


Nearly one-fifth of U.S. adults infected with the COVID-19 virus have developed symptoms of the COVID-19, and as many as 4 million people may lose their jobs due to the COVID-19, accounting for about half of the country’s working population, according to estimates by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 2.4%.


Figures released by the Office for National Statistics are equally astounding, showing that as of May 1 this year, at least 2 million people in the UK had symptoms of Covid-19.

A quarter of UK companies cite the symptom as the main reason for prolonged employee absences, a survey found.


Because its harm is so great and its social impact is so far-reaching, many countries in Europe and the United States have issued warnings that the COVID-19 is becoming another potential public health crisis.

And the research on the COVID-19 has also become a “conspicuous study”.


Amy Proal, a microbiologist at the PolyBio Research Foundation, a US non-profit organization, said: “We want to know what is the cause of the COVID-19, and we are focusing on that.”




Most likely causes

More and more scientists believe that the long-term stay of the new coronavirus in the patient’s body is the root cause of the long-term COVID-19.

After the new coronavirus infects the human body, it can spread widely from the respiratory tract to almost all other organs of the body, including the heart and brain, and linger for months or even longer.


A new study found that the spike protein of the new coronavirus was found in patients with long-term COVID-19s, but not in fully recovered COVID-19 patients.

Scientists believe the findings show that the Covid-19 virus lingering in the body can still stimulate the immune system, triggering complications such as blood clots and inflammation.


A study recently published by Harvard researchers in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases shows that the long-term retention of the new coronavirus in the body may be one of the main reasons for the long-term COVID-19.

The researchers found that the spike protein of the new coronavirus was detected in most of the 37 patients with long-term COVID-19s, while the protein was not found in the 26 patients who served as a control group.


The cause of the Long-COVID has been found?



Dr. David R. Walt, a professor of pathology at Harvard Medical School, pointed out that a year after infection with the COVID-19, some patients had spike protein levels as high as they were early in their infection.

This level suggests that a significant number of active SARS-CoV-2 viruses are continuing to produce the spike protein, which is normally cleared by antibodies and does not persist for long, he added.


Dr. Walt plans to use antiviral drugs such as Paxlovid or Remdesivir to see if these drugs help to completely clear the new coronavirus from the patient’s body and eliminate the spike protein from the blood; for some people, the normal course of the drug is not enough to clear it Viruses may take longer.


Of course, there are also scientists who believe that there may be more than one reason for the Long-COVID. For example, some cases may be due to damage to organs and the immune system, and the new coronavirus causes clots in the blood.






The cause of the Long-COVID has been found?

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