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Only 567K USD for Nuclear magnetic resonance instruments now

Only 567K USD for Nuclear magnetic resonance instruments now

Only 567K USD for Nuclear magnetic resonance instruments now.

There are a lot of equipment in the medical field that need to spend a lot of money to invest in the purchase, because the core technology of many equipment is monopolized by a few companies, such as the common nuclear magnetic resonance instrument, a set costs 3-5 million US dollars per month.


The high price has made it unaffordable for patients in many developing countries, but this situation may have to be changed by Chinese companies.

The 3.0T high-end nuclear magnetic resonance instruments developed by China companies can be put into use at a price of only 567K USD (2.93 million CNY), and there is no difference in performance.


A purchase price by a Chinese price was exposed recently. This hospital purchased 3 sets with Unit price: 567K USD (2.93 million CNY), amost 10% of imported equipment.

The information didn’t expose which company provided, but there are 7 Chinese companies that occupied 80% market in China in 2022, like Neusoft, Anke, QTM, United Imaging……


Only 567K USD for Nuclear magnetic resonance instruments now

The purchase price by a Chinese hospital exposed


Uses of NMR

Nuclear magnetic resonance has an unshakable position in modern medicine. It can prevent diseases in advance and screen lesions, which is a very beneficial auxiliary tool for doctors.

When there are patients with neurological diseases clinically, MRI can help doctors make a clearer identification and diagnosis, so its role in the hospital is very important.

Its working principle is an inspection method in which the signal generated by the hydrogen nucleus in the magnetic field is imaged after special processing by the computer.

Because the content of hydrogen atoms in the human body is high and widely distributed, and the human body contains a lot of water, nuclear magnetic resonance can well reflect various imaging of the human body.

In this way, it can help doctors accurately screen out the problems existing in various organs in the human body, find the lesion in time, and provide better conditions for follow-up treatment.

Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, malignant tumors and other diseases that modern people are most afraid of can be detected one by one in front of MRI, thus avoiding many life-threatening moments.

Nuclear magnetic resonance is very helpful to modern medicine, making it very expensive in terms of price.


This will lead to the fact that ordinary people in many developing countries will have to spend a high examination fee if they want to go to the hospital for an MRI examination. On the one hand, their own life safety is on the other hand, and on the other hand, the high cost is facing two choices. Many families are caught in it.

There are even family incomes that cannot make ends meet, and they give up treatment because they cannot afford the examination fee.

If the price is not lowered, this problem cannot be fundamentally solved.


Only 567K USD for Nuclear magnetic resonance instruments now.



Why is MRI so expensive?

It is very expensive to go to the hospital for an MRI, and it will cost 500-100 USD. This is because the MRI machine is almost never turned off from the moment it enters the hospital and put into use, because its magnetic field needs to be maintained.

If the nuclear magnetic resonance instrument is shut down due to special reasons, then it needs to be refilled with liquid helium. An nuclear magnetic resonance instrument needs to be filled with 2000 liters of liquid helium, so the loss of more than 100,000 US dollars will be lost once the shutdown is quenched.

As for liquid helium, the biggest consumable in nuclear magnetic resonance, most countries cannot produce liquid helium, and most of the world’s liquid helium is in the United States, so the price of liquid helium is very expensive compared to developing countries.

Another factor is that the nuclear magnetic resonance instruments in the market are monopolized by a few companies, and there is a monopoly profit on the price.

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