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Complexities of Post-COVID Vaccine Effects: Insights from a Kyoto University Professor

Complexities of Post-COVID Vaccine Effects: Insights from a Kyoto University Professor

Complexities of Post-COVID Vaccine Effects: Insights from a Kyoto University Professor

Complexities of Post-COVID Vaccine Effects: Insights from a Kyoto University Professor. Shingles, Rheumatism, Vascular Disorders, Myocarditis… Shocking Survey Results on “Post-COVID Vaccine Sequelae” Announced by Kyoto University Emeritus Professor.

Professor Masanori Fukushima, an emeritus professor at Kyoto University, published an essay on the survey results of post-COVID vaccine sequelae in the April issue of the monthly magazine “Bungei Shunju.”

In June 2023, Professor Fukushima established an academic group called the “Vaccine Problem Research Association” with volunteer physicians to conduct research on health damage after vaccination, known as “post-vaccination syndrome,” and set four objectives: database creation of papers from around the world, establishment of a case database, development of testing methods, and establishment of treatment methods.

Complexities of Post-COVID Vaccine Effects: Insights from a Kyoto University Professor

Unprecedented Nature of COVID Vaccine Side Effects

“First, let me show you how diverse post-vaccination syndromes are.
The table on the next page lists diseases reported and discussed at domestic medical society meetings as diseases that suddenly occur after vaccination from December 2021 to November 2023, spanning two years (134 meetings, 447 presentations). It adds up to 201 diseases, occurring in various body tissues.

The side effects of this vaccine, as seen from papers worldwide, are not patterned; they can occur throughout the body, and multiple diseases can occur simultaneously. This kind of side effect pattern is unprecedented, which is my honest impression as a physician. In my specialty, cancer treatment, although anticancer drugs have a storm of side effects, the pattern is consistent.

Diseases with “thrombosis” rank high

The top 10 adverse effects of the vaccine are (1) thrombocytopenia (557), (2) headache (455), (3) myocarditis (344), (4) thrombosis with thrombocytopenia (328), (5) deep vein thrombosis (241), (6) Guillain-Barré syndrome (143), (6) cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (143), (8) anaphylaxis (140), (9) lymphadenopathy (132), and (10) vasculitis (129) (numbers in parentheses indicate the number of reports in papers worldwide).

Three diseases related to thrombosis stand out, highlighting vascular disorders.

These are the trends in relatively early post-vaccination syndromes. It is necessary to note that new cases discovered long after vaccination are not included.”

Why Does the Vaccine Cause Various Health Damages?

Based on data from the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare, when the causes of death after receiving the Pfizer vaccine are depicted in a pie chart, the top causes are:

(1) vascular disorders,

(2) heart disorders,

(3) worsening of condition,

(4) pneumonia, 

(5) others,

with vascular disorders and heart disorders accounting for nearly half.

This order and proportion were consistent whether the data was from the period immediately after vaccination or until the following year.

“Why does the vaccine cause various health damages?” Professor Fukushima explains this as follows.

“When trying to create artificial antibodies, which is the purpose of the vaccine, if mRNA breaks down in a few minutes as stated by the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare, it would be useless.

Therefore, the vaccine’s mRNA is modified to be less prone to breakdown. Furthermore, by wrapping it in a lipid membrane = lipid nanoparticles, it is made even more resistant to breakdown.

Making mRNA less prone to breakdown goes against the principle of life

When will it break down? This question cannot be answered by anyone. There are papers that suggest it remained in the blood for at least two weeks after vaccination, and there are data that spike proteins were detected three to four months later. It is also possible that mRNA remains stable inside cells or is incorporated into DNA, and it cannot be asserted at this point how long it is safe.

What I can say is that making mRNA deliberately less prone to breakdown itself goes against the principle of life. Although mRNA vaccines are innovative in that they administer chemically modified and stabilized mRNA wrapped in lipid nanoparticles, all clinical trials before the coronavirus vaccine ended in failure, and it has been pointed out that they are dangerous. Therefore, there were many cautious voices regarding its practical use.

Vascular disorders and heart disorders may be occurring in almost everyone’s body after vaccination. It can also be understood as a broad sense of vasculitis if muscle pain or fever occurs more easily after vaccination. If the degree is mild, it may heal without the person realizing it.”

Increase in Autoimmune Diseases such as Rheumatism and Dermatomyositis

“In addition to vascular disorders, when spike proteins, which are foreign substances, are produced more and more, autoimmune reactions occur. By attacking cells that produce spike proteins, the immune system can cause very severe inflammation or tissue damage. The increase in autoimmune diseases such as rheumatism and dermatomyositis is likely due to this.

Furthermore, as the body continues to fight against spike proteins, the immune function that was originally present in the body decreases.

One example of the resulting side effects is shingles.

While the country recommends prevention with the shingles vaccine, shingles has specific symptoms, so I think it is appropriate to recommend early detection and treatment with standard treatment.”

Submission of Administrative Document Disclosure Request to the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare

Furthermore, what Professor Fukushima is concerned about is cancer. Based on the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare’s data, age-adjusted death rates by cancer type were calculated on a monthly basis. When overlaid with a graph of the number of vaccine recipients each month, it was clear that the death rate increased significantly after vaccination for several cancers.

The most increased was leukemia, a blood cancer. Similarly, breast cancer and ovarian cancer also showed the same trend.

The Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare should take Professor Fukushima’s comments seriously and devise countermeasures…

“In August 2022, I submitted an administrative document disclosure request to the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare, stating that data on the severity and mortality rates of vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals should be disclosed. However, after a long wait, I received a notification of non-disclosure decision.”

“I am aware that some people call me ‘anti-vaccine,’ but it is a ridiculous story. As a scientist, one should view events as they are, without including personal biases for or against vaccines. Believing blindly that ‘vaccines are safe’ and turning a blind eye to facts is essentially ‘vaccine faith.’ Phenomena that occur in the body should be the subject of medicine, and it may be wrong to turn it into a religious argument of whether to believe or not.”

In addition, Professor Fukushima’s essay “The Truth About Post-COVID Vaccine Sequelae,” which also covers remarkable cases such as new variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and myocardial dissolution, will be published in the April issue of Bungei Shunju, which will be released on March 8 (pre-released on March 7 in the electronic version). It also touches on guidance on managing diet, exercise, sleep, and mental attitude to avoid further weakening of the immune system.

Complexities of Post-COVID Vaccine Effects: Insights from a Kyoto University Professor

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