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Continuous Disinfection of Pharmaceutical-Class Water 

Continuous Disinfection of Pharmaceutical-Class Water 

Continuous Disinfection of Pharmaceutical-Class Water. Pharmaceutical water purified water (PW) and injection water (WFI) need to be sterilized and antibacterial to meet the requirements of the Pharmacopoeia, while the disinfection of the water system circulation pipeline usually adopts pasteurization, chemical and ozone disinfection methods.


In comparison, ozone disinfection is a relatively flexible disinfection method. It is not only easy to operate, but also has many benefits. It is increasingly favored by enterprises and some standard organizations.

Now, let Xiaomei introduce you the technology and control of ozone disinfection in pharmaceutical water in detail.

Ozone disinfection

In water systems, disinfection is generally carried out in storage tanks and pipelines; among them, the storage tanks are commonly used for continuous disinfection with ozone, and then ultraviolet lamps are installed before the point of use to degrade the ozone.

Continuous disinfection can effectively reduce the risk of microbial contamination and make it easier for microbial indicators to be within the control range. After ozone is completely decomposed, it is prevented from appearing in the water point, which will affect downstream production.

At the same time, since the oxidizing power of ozone is twice that of chlorine; in addition to disinfection, it can also effectively reduce the concentration of organic matter, which also contributes to the reduction of total organic carbon (TOC) levels.

Free conversion of two disinfection modes

In addition to daily continuous disinfection, regular disinfection is generally required.

In a water system that uses ozone for continuous disinfection, if you want to disinfect the entire distribution pipeline regularly, you only need to change some operations on the original basis, which is very convenient!

By turning off the UV lamp and the valve at the point of use, the ozone dissolved in the water can be driven in for a long time, filling the entire system and maintaining it for a certain period of time.

Compared with other disinfection operation methods, it can be said to be twice the result with half the effort; it not only avoids the purposeful shutdown, improves the utilization rate of the water system, but also reduces the production cost of the entire water system.

Ozone and water system design

However, due to the strong oxidizing properties of ozone, not all systems are suitable for disinfection; therefore, care should be taken at the beginning of the water system design to avoid unnecessary damage caused by oxidation.

In the selection process, the following factors need to be considered:
Continuous Disinfection of Pharmaceutical-Class Water 
As for the gasket material used at the pipe fitting interface, PTFE or EPDM are generally the most.

For storage tanks, from the perspective of inhibiting microorganisms, it is necessary to choose a small-volume storage tank that meets the requirements as much as possible. Not only can it increase the water turnover rate during production and reduce the possibility of microbial growth, it is also more beneficial to the mixing and dispersion of ozone and water.

At the same time, it is necessary to detect the concentration of ozone in the entire system for different measurement points to ensure the disinfection effect.

Design of key measuring points

Since the ozone concentration has the most direct impact on the disinfection effect, you need to be vigilant about whether it leaks to the water point. The trend of continuous and regular disinfection methods is different. How to arrange the relevant monitoring points on the distribution system and storage system to meet Requirements?

Only 3 positions are required to fully satisfy these control factors.


In fact, for effective measurement of measuring points and real-time monitoring, only a good ozone sensor is needed to give you peace of mind!


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