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Why do liver and gallbladder detoxification?

Why do liver and gallbladder detoxification? 


Why do liver and gallbladder detoxification? What are the benefits? The liver is the body’s largest metabolic system, which mainly breaks down fat. If fat accumulates in the body-lipoma-tumor-cancer.

Why do liver and gallbladder detoxification?

Why do liver and gallbladder detoxification

  • 1. The role of liver and gallbladder to metabolize fat. The liver is the body’s largest metabolic system, which mainly decomposes fat. If fat accumulates in the body-lipoma-tumor-cancer.
  • 2. Every day, a large amount of toxins are produced in the blood, which are metabolized by the liver. The function of the liver decreases, and the toxins in the blood rise, which will block the shoulders and neck and cause cerebral ischemia. People will experience fatigue, poor sleep, headaches and soreness.
  • 3. The liver stores 25% of the human body’s blood and is the largest digestive gland of the human body. It secretes 500-800MI of bile every day. The gallbladder condenses it into 50-80MI, which is then discharged into the digestive tract to help digestion. If the liver function declines, it will affect the digestion of food, leading to disordered intestinal absorption.
  • 4. The liver secretes 5000-7000 macrophages every day, which are used to destroy 3000-5000 cancer cells every day. Once the liver function declines and blood acidification, human cells are prone to disease. The liver is the body’s largest detoxification plant.
  • 5. The liver is the human body’s chemical plant. Almost all proteins, fats, and sugars are decomposed and synthesized through the liver. If the burden is too heavy, detoxification and synthesis of nutrients needed by itself will cause blood lipids, blood pressure, The blood sugar rises, so it is necessary to reduce the burden, and it is urgent to detoxify the liver.

Benefits of liver and gallbladder detox:

1. Improve immunity

You will have more energy, a lighter body, and a more flexible mind. Liver and gallbladder detoxification can gradually improve symptoms such as allergies, obesity, shoulder, neck, arm and back pain, various chronic diseases, and menstrual pain. It can also effectively improve menstrual problems, as well as poor skin quality, acne, allergies, soreness, fatigue, Severe constipation, metabolic syndrome, and various chronic diseases.


2. Let the body recover its magical self-healing power

The self-healing function has always been an invisible doctor in our body, because the liver is the most critical organ in the body’s detoxification and biochemical reactions. It is related to immunity and self-healing, and it is called the “human body’s chemical factory”. After 3CP purification, the liver function is normal, and the body’s immune and disease-resistant functions can be maintained normal, and the disease will be cured soon!

3. Detoxification of liver and gallbladder to normalize fat metabolism

After the liver and gallbladder are purified and detoxified, the liver can secrete more bile, which has a direct impact on the absorption, utilization and metabolism of fat. And because of the recovery of liver function, it has enough capacity to deal with it.


4. The relationship between purification and detoxification and female menstrual period

Menstrual period is related to hormones, which are produced by the liver. Including female menstrual period, menopause, etc., it can purify and detox, so that the liver can be regulated and improved. When the liver function is restored, it will be able to produce the hormones you need, and the menstrual period will be improved. That is a natural and natural thing.


5. Promote skin beauty

Human toxins are excreted through the liver, skin, large intestine, and respiratory tract. The most important organ is the liver. If the liver functions normally, in principle, these toxins should be efficiently processed and excreted by the liver. Your skin and respiratory tract will not take on the task of excessive excretion of toxins, and the skin will be shiny and bright. Experiments have found that for some skin disease symptoms that cannot be cut off, topical medicine has been treating the symptoms but not the root cause, but after purification and detoxification to restore liver function, these symptoms will gradually disappear and the roots will truly be cut off.


6. Detoxification helps physiology

Detoxification makes the whole body full of vitality and rebuilds all cells, tissues and blood vessels, reducing the aging process and increasing life span.

Detoxification makes the skin look younger and more beautiful, pimples, acne, and skin infections can all be eliminated, and the skin becomes clean and ruddy, the eyes become clear and bright, and it is resistant to high blood pressure, colds, fever, headaches, and deviations. Headache, insomnia, constipation, inflammation, nervousness, muscle aches, etc. have obvious effects.

Detoxification helps stop the desire to smoke and drink.


7. Detoxification helps psychologically

Detoxification can clear the mind, sharpen the senses, and improve memory.

Detox helps you sleep better. After regular detoxification, many patients with insomnia find that they sleep better than before. Detox is nature’s tranquilizer, which relaxes the nervous system and eliminates anxiety.

Four types of people urgently need liver protection and treatment

1. People who have yellow complexion and white eyes, and who have jaundice need nourish the liver.

People with poor liver often have yellowing of their face, whites of eyes or skin, which is the so-called jaundice symptom that requires liver protection and treatment.


2. Weak limbs and fatigue easily. Those who are lazy and less active need to nourish the liver.

This is mainly due to abnormal liver function, carbohydrates, protein, fat and other intermediate metabolic disorders, resulting in insufficient energy production, the human body is prone to fatigue, decreased physical strength, poor spirits, and liver damage leads to poor bile excretion. Choline in the blood The reduction of esterase affects the normal physiological functions of neuromuscular.

Therefore, when you are tired and do not think about eating or drinking, you need to carry out liver nourishing in time.

3. People who are short-tempered, irritable, and easily emotional need to raise the liver.

Liver likes and dislikes depression, often angry and angry, mostly because liver qi stagnation causes the circulation of qi and blood in the whole body to be disordered, and other organs are disturbed, which leads to the onset of diseases, although there may be no symptoms for a while. However, it does plant a lot of time bombs for our liver health.

Therefore, people who are often angry, irritable, moody, and full of abdomen need to carry out liver nourishing in time.

4. Those who dislike greasy and yellow urine need to nourish the liver.

The main reason is that the liver’s ability to secrete and produce bile is weakened, which weakens the liver’s ability to digest fat.


Therefore, the phenomenon of greasiness will appear, the liver will obstruct the excretion of bile, and the bilirubin in the blood will increase. If too much bilirubin is excreted by the kidneys, the urine will turn yellow. Therefore, people with this symptom should pay attention to nourishing the liver.


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