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The improvement of COVID-19 pandemic in Israel is mainly related to 3 factors

The improvement of COVID-19 pandemic in Israel is mainly related to 3 factors


The improvement of COVID-19 pandemic in Israel is mainly related to 3 factors.   Recently, the COVID-19 epidemic in Israel seems to usher in an inflection point. The number of new cases has dropped significantly compared with before. There are occasionally 0 new cases, and the existing cases are gradually decreasing.

The improvement of COVID-19 pandemic in Israel is mainly related to 3 factors

According to data, there are 71,331 confirmed cases and 1,139 severe cases in Israel, which seems to have brought a glimmer of light to the world shrouded in the haze of the COVID-19 virus. Why did the Israeli epidemic miraculously disappear? Expert analysis found that it is mainly related to the following three factors.


Expert analysis found that it is mainly related to the following three factors:

1. Strict control measures

In addition to the stay-at-home order, Israel has recently adopted a more stringent prevention and control strategy. From January 25 to 31, Israel suspended the entry and exit of international flights and also closed the main port of entry Ben-Gurion International Airport. During this period, only inbound flights for specific purposes such as cargo, emergency medical treatment and firefighting are allowed to land, and personnel are prohibited from entering the country. In addition to specific purposes such as emergency medical treatment, legal proceedings, and humanitarian, personnel are also prohibited from leaving the country. It can be said that the recent Israel has basically completely cut off personnel exchanges with the outside world.

In many countries around the world where the COVID-19 epidemic is very severe, this approach will definitely help the country’s epidemic prevention and control, as long as the Israeli leader can bear the price and how determined it is. Judging from the current results, the effects of the previous prevention and control strategies are gradually emerging, and the epidemic situation is developing towards a easing trend.


2. Oceanic climate

Recently, scientists have discovered a pattern, but in all coastal countries, the COVID-19 epidemic will be relatively mild. Closer to us are South Korea, Vietnam and Japan, but the same is true in Israel. Israel is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The Mediterranean climate is mild and rainy, with high humidity throughout the year. This climate is very conducive to the nourishment of the lungs and can reduce the occurrence of lung diseases. Our Chinese medicine practitioners call the lungs “jiao zhang” because the lungs are moisturizing and dry, and they are easy to get sick. Therefore, the total number of people infected with the COVID-19 virus and the number of severely ill patients in these coastal countries will be lower than other countries.


3. High vaccination rate

Israel has one of the fastest vaccination rates in the world. In addition to taking the lead in vaccinating COVID-19, the Israeli Prime Minister also personally endorsed the COVID-19 vaccine on social media and shouted to the Israeli nationals: “If anyone you know is upset about being vaccinated, send me their names and phone numbers. , Maybe I will give them a surprise and convince them.”

With the assurance of the Prime Minister, the Israeli people have also put aside their ideological burden and responded to the call for vaccination. According to Netanyahu on January 28, Israel has completed the COVID-19vaccination of 82% of the population. According to the “herd immunity” standard, Israel should be the first country in the world to achieve “herd immunity”. But Israel is not satisfied with this, it is said that the target of vaccination ratio will reach 95%. In this way, Israel is not far from victory in this war against the epidemic.

As of February 2 this year, 42.8% of the country’s population had received at least one dose of the vaccine or recovered from the new coronavirus pneumonia. Fortunately, early data show that the prevalence of new coronavirus pneumonia has dropped significantly at the national population level. According to a report published in the journal Nature, this is the first time that the impact of the COVID-19 vaccine on the COVID-19 pneumonia at the population level has been observed in the real world environment.


Looking back, judging from the COVID-19 vaccines previously vaccinated in Israel and some countries, the current COVID-19 vaccines on the market are still very safe, so the author also urges everyone not to be too burdened with thinking about vaccinations. Only then can we fight the new coronavirus more efficiently. Of course, while the vaccine gives people hope of getting out of the COVID-19 epidemic, people also need to do a good job in social isolation and self-protection.

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