March 5, 2024

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Deficiencies in brain’s immune system can cause brain tumors to spread

Scientists find that Deficiencies in brain’s immune system can cause brain tumors to spread


Deficiencies in brain’s immune system can cause brain tumors to spread.  Glioblastoma is the most common fatal primary brain tumor. Even with the latest treatments including surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, the median survival time is only 20 months.

Deficiencies in brain's immune system can cause brain tumors to spread


As we all know, the immune system plays an important role in the progression of tumors. Although the number of immune cells is not abundant in the brain, more and more evidence has recently shown that they are involved in the occurrence and development of glioblastoma. The specific mechanism remains unclear.

Recently, a research team from Tel Aviv University’s Sackler School of Medicine found that defects in the brain’s immune system can affect the progression of glioblastoma. The research was published in “Nature Communications” with the title: “P-selectin axis plays a key role in microglia immunophenotype and glioblastoma progression”.

Researchers compared healthy brain tissue with glioblastoma brain tissue and found that cells of the brain’s immune system (microglia) not only did not stop tumor cells, but instead accelerated the division and division of glioblastoma tumor cells. diffusion.

Further studies have found that when glioblastoma tumor cells and microglia meet, they will express a large amount of P-selectin (SELP). This molecule will change when it binds to receptors on brain immune cells. The function of immune cells contributes to the division and spread of tumor cells and promotes the development of glioblastoma.

In subsequent animal model studies, researchers found that after inhibiting the expression of P-selectin, glioblastoma tumor cells slowed down, stopped spreading, and were less aggressive. The results confirmed this defect in the brain’s immune system. Can cause the spread of glioblastoma tumor cells.

This research has important clinical therapeutic significance and plays an important role in the development of new therapies for glioblastoma.


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