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What are the symptoms of early brain tumors in women?

What are the symptoms of early brain tumors in women?

What are the symptoms of early brain tumors in women?  Are there any differences in the symptoms of female brain tumors?

Brain tumor: This is a very scary term. Fortunately, according to the American Cancer Society, less than 1% of changes will cause you to develop a malignant brain tumor or spinal tumor in your life.

Despite this, the American Cancer Society estimates that approximately 23,890 brain tumors (of which approximately 10,300 will be women) will be diagnosed in 2020.

According to the American Cancer Institute, the average survival rate for brain tumors is now 36%. The National Brain Tumor Society updated this year.

What are the symptoms of early brain tumors in women?

There are two types of brain tumors: primary tumors, which start in the brain and rarely spread; secondary tumors, start in other parts of the body (usually the lungs or breasts) and spread to the brain.

Over time, brain tumors can affect surrounding brain cells and severely impair brain function. According to the research, although this is true for all brain tumors, whether malignant or benign, malignant tumors are more likely to spread rapidly throughout the brain. This is why malignant tumors require aggressive treatment, which usually includes surgery, radiation and/or chemotherapy, she said.

The truth is that your doctor does not screen for brain tumors often, and, according to the American Cancer Society. So it depends on your own health to understand the most common symptoms of brain tumors. “If you have any symptoms, the researcher can say: “If you find a brain tumor, you should go to your attending doctor or physician as soon as possible. “They can guide you to the right expert.”

Here are seven brain tumor symptoms you need to know.

Annoying headache

This is not surprising, but yes, a headache can be a sign of a brain tumor, or it can be cancer. We are not talking about ordinary headaches staring at the screen for too long, though.

“If you suddenly have a severe headache, or if you feel nauseous or vomiting, you should seek help from a doctor,” the researchers said. Nausea is also accompanied by migraines. Check it just in case it is never a bad idea, especially if your migraine is new or worsening.


“When you have a seizure, it means there is a problem with the brain’s electricity,” said the researcher, who explained that cancerous tumors can cause electrical signal problems by pressing on surrounding brain cells.

She said that you may have epilepsy, which is classified based on recurrent seizures rather than tumors, but even a single seizure means you need to see a doctor STAT.

Extreme nausea

Obviously, there are many people who may feel nauseous, but continued nausea without any obvious explanation is a big red flag.

Holmigo said: “If you have never felt unwell like that, and this situation will suddenly appear and continue, especially if you are over 40, you should seek attention.” If your nausea is also accompanied by other brains Tumor symptoms.

Vision problems

“For brain tumors, symptoms sometimes depend on the area of ​​the brain where the tumor is located,” the researchers said. Therefore, if you happen to have a tumor behind your eyes, this may cause damage to your vision.

“One of the typical situations I saw was a driver who caused a car accident because something interfered with their vision,” she said. So pay close attention to your vision and check your eyes regularly. She said brain tumors may cause blurred vision, double vision and vision loss.

Weak or clumsy

Brain tumors can also manifest on the body in other areas of the brain, and often lose balance and motor control. The researcher said: “If you feel weakness or numbness on one side of your body, or difficulty getting dressed, this may be related to a tumor in a certain location.” He pointed out that there are not many other explanations for extreme or sudden changes in balance and coordination.

Confusion or brain fog

When we are overburdened with work, we can all get a little “freedom” from it, not sleep or low blood sugar. But if you can’t find the right word, or your friend notices that you used the wrong name, you need to talk to your doctor about a brain scan, she said.

Severe forgetting and confusion (think: in addition to lost keys) are other warning signs of wire crossing in the brain, possibly due to tumors.

Mood change

The frontal lobe is the area of ​​your brain that controls your personality, so a brain tumor can turn you into a different person.

What are the symptoms of early brain tumors in women?

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