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How to use antibiotics for urinary tract infections?

How to use antibiotics for urinary tract infections?


How to use antibiotics for urinary tract infections? ​These tips may help. 


Once a urinary tract infection occurs, it cannot be allowed to progress. Don’t use the idea of ​​”waiting two more days” to face the disease.

Once a urinary tract infection occurs, it cannot be allowed to progress. You must not use the idea of ​​”waiting two more days” to face the disease. It must be treated symptomatically and actively treated against infection. Because delaying serious ascending renal pelvis infection may cause sepsis.

In the course of anti-infective treatment, it is necessary to follow the doctor’s advice to choose the correct antibacterial drug. Under normal circumstances, doctors will choose antibiotics that are sensitive to pathogenic bacteria. Patients need to dynamically adjust the use of drugs if their symptoms do not improve after taking them for 3 days.

Do not use antibiotics arbitrarily, because many antibiotics are toxic to the kidneys, and the failure of drug treatment and the emergence of drug-resistant bacteria can worsen the condition.

In the course of clinical treatment, there are cases of re-infection and re-recurrence. This situation needs to be combined with the doctor’s advice. In the face of re-infection and re-recurrence, you can choose long-term low-dose bacteriostatic treatment, that is, take a small dose before going to bed or after urination Vitamins, changing the medicine for 7-10 days, taking a long time continuously can solve the recurrence, reinfection and pathogen resistance.


These tips may help

Pay attention to rest: the acute infection period will be accompanied by a certain high fever, fatigue and even pain. This is a consistent manifestation of bacterial infections. At this time, you need to pay attention to rest and adjust your physical condition. Drink plenty of water while taking anti-infective drugs to flush out pathogens in the urinary tract with the help of frequent urination. The body’s immunity is gradually restored, and the recovery will be more rapid when combined with drug treatment.

Pay attention to the adjustment of diet: in the acute phase, the more nutritious food is more suitable for the patient. The protease activity of the patient with high fever is responsible for digesting food is low. At this time, it is not suitable to consume food with high fat. The food selected at this time should be biased towards easy digestion, high-calorie, and vitamin-rich. Since it meets the patient’s energy needs, secondly, it can enhance the patient’s immunity.


How to prevent urinary tract infection in daily life?

Drink more water and urinate frequently:

For women and high-risk groups with high chronic diseases, pay attention to drinking enough water every day, and choose the right amount of water according to the temperature and physiological state of the body. One is to prevent the risk of increased blood pressure caused by lack of water in the body, and the other is to renew the body’s metabolic waste. Drinking water several times and urinating frequently can flush the urethra to prevent bacteria from ascending and causing infection.

Pay attention to the cleaning of the perineum area:

For women, this point should be paid more attention. The special physiological structure means that the risk is greater than that of men. Both men and women should be treated specially in re-sexual activities or in daily life. Of course, do not think that men will not get infected through this channel. For male patients with overly long foreskins, if they do not pay attention to the cleanliness of the perineum and other areas, bacteria may also cause urinary tract infections. Therefore, pay attention to personal hygiene to prevent bacterial growth and cause infection.

Maintain good immunity:

Men and women over the age of 50 are high-risk groups of urinary tract infections. Therefore, for middle-aged and elderly patients, they can improve their nutritional diet and actively exercise to enhance their physique and lifestyle changes, so as to enhance the body’s immunity and improve their health. Deal with the possibility of infection that may occur in the future.


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