July 17, 2024

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Patients with mild COVID-19 disease may be infected again with mutations

Japanese study: patients with mild COVID-19 disease may be infected again with mutations


Patients with mild COVID-19 disease may be infected again with mutations.  Kyodo News reported on May 20th that the research team of Yokohama City University professor Yamanaka Takeharu and others gathered on the 20th.

The research results showed that even if the original strain of the new coronavirus has been infected, it will have the effect of the mutant strain after six months to one year.

The proportion of people with immunity will also decrease. Especially in asymptomatic and mild patients, the possibility of re-infection or disease cannot be prevented.

The team believes that even if they have been infected, they need to be vaccinated.

The team used a self-developed system to analyze whether the blood of about 250 people who recovered after being infected with the COVID-19 contained immunity to the four variant strains reported in the United Kingdom, India and other places found in Japan after six months and one year. Neutralizing antibodies”. Neutralizing antibodies have the effect of preventing cells from infecting viruses.

The results showed that for the original strain, almost everyone had neutralizing antibodies, regardless of whether it was six months or one year later and regardless of the severity of symptoms. For mutant strains, the proportion of people with neutralizing antibodies in asymptomatic and mild patients was found to be lower. E

specially for the mutant strains found in India and South Africa, the proportion of antibodies with antibodies was significantly reduced by about 30%. Moderate and severe patients showed a slight decrease.

The team believes that in the case of asymptomatic or mild symptoms, perhaps because it is not necessary to fight the virus, the amount of antibodies produced is less.



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