June 22, 2024

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Cancer vaccine + immune checkpoint inhibitors 275% more effective

The treatment success rate increased by 275%! Cancer vaccines hand combinated with immune checkpoint inhibitors! Significantly improve the treatment effect.

Cancer vaccine + immune checkpoint inhibitors 275% more effective.  This combination may be effective in the clinic and effectively improve the patient’s therapeutic effect.

Although immune checkpoint inhibitors have achieved very good therapeutic effects in clinical treatment, dozens of cancer indications have been approved so far, but when used as a single agent, the effect is not very satisfactory: the general effective rate is only 20% about. Although the effectiveness of some previous treatments has been greatly improved, we still hope to obtain a higher treatment effectiveness.

So how can we improve the treatment effect? Don’t worry, the article published in the journal “Nature Communications” brought us the latest research results, and directly increased the treatment success rate by 275%, from 20% to 75%! Let us take a look!

At present, we mainly kill cancer cells in two ways: one is to directly target tumor tissues, such as surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and targeted drugs; the other is to indirectly kill tumor tissues, that is, increase the natural enemies of cancer cells. The function of immune cells makes immune cells more powerful and thus exerts a more powerful tumor-killing effect.

The increase in immune cells mainly includes the following ways:

1. Increase the ability of immune cells to recognize cancer cells;

2. Enhance the killing function of immune cells;

3. Release the inhibitory effect of cancer cells on immune cells.

In fact, these steps can affect the final killing effect of immune cells. Therefore, choosing different treatment methods or combinations for different patients is expected to help patients overcome cancer, and a variety of different immunotherapies are derived from this. For example, CAR-T cell therapy not only enhances the function of T cells but also increases their recognition ability, and immune checkpoint inhibitors can relieve the suppression of T cells.

In this article, the cancer vaccine used is a new type of immunostimulant with a size of about 1 micron (or 0.001 mm). In such a small volume, a tumor protein and an immune activation molecule (which can be Stimulate the system to respond).

Cancer vaccine + immune checkpoint inhibitors  275% more effective

This new type of cancer vaccine has been confirmed by research that even in the case of single drug use, it can still produce a strong anti-tumor effect in mice, and its therapeutic effect is also very good:

On the one hand, even a small dose can produce a relatively strong anti-tumor effect;

On the other hand, the effect is very long-lasting, and the treatment response can still be detected in the mice after 8 weeks of treatment.

At the same time, in order to further improve the efficacy, the researchers combined this new tumor vaccine with immune checkpoint inhibitors. The results showed that: in the case of the combined use of the two therapies, the treatment response of mice has been greatly improved. Improve, from the original 20% treatment efficiency to 75%!

Cancer vaccine + immune checkpoint inhibitors  275% more effective

This indicates that this combination may be effective in the clinic and effectively improve the patient’s therapeutic effect. The Dutch partner in charge of this research has started a small phase one clinical study to explore whether this new treatment method will also have a better therapeutic effect on the human body.

In fact, many studies have confirmed that immunotherapy can not only be used in combination with radiotherapy and chemotherapy, surgery, and targeted drugs, but also can be used in combination with different types of immunotherapies, and can effectively improve the therapeutic effect. .

What we need to do at present is to find the most effective way to find the best combination of killing tumor + enhancing immunity (different enhancement methods), and adjust it according to different types of patients, so as to provide patients with better Suitable, more effective and economical treatment combination. Cancer treatment technologies continue to advance, and it is believed that the combination of these different treatment technologies will bring different treatment results to patients.

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